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Chapter 1182: By Yourself


Lin laughed when she heard what Jiang Yao had said.

Both of them chatted and giggled as if they were walking at lightning speed.

Jiang Yaos birthday cake for Lu Xingzhi was eventually finished two and a half hours later.

The aroma of the cake drew Xiao Wei, who was sitting in the living room doing jigsaw puzzles, into the kitchen.

He looked at the cake for a few moments before raising his eyes and asked, “Mom, you have been watching it for a long time.

Have you mastered it yet”


Lin shook her head.

She was so preoccupied with speaking with Jiang Yao that she did not notice how Jiang Yao had made it.

Jiang Yao stayed for an extra hour after seeing how much Xiao Wei enjoyed it, and she baked one for Xiao Wei.

She also baked some cookies and delivered them to the Lin residence.

She was so preoccupied that half a day had flown by in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Yao was about to take the cake back to the military barracks when she got a call from Luo Ruoran.

She was surprised when she heard that Luo Ruoran would leave Jindo City the next day.

“I probably cant see you off tomorrow.

What time is your flight” Jiang Yao did not know how long the test would take the next day.

“Its 9:30 in the morning.” Luo Ruoran smiled.

“Im not calling to ask you to come to Jindo City to see me off on a cold day.

As a friend, I just need to tell you that Im leaving.”

“By yourself” Jiang Yao sighed.

She definitely could not make it to the airport so early in the morning.

Otherwise, she would see Luo Ruoran off; she had taken care of her during her stay in Jindo City.

It did not matter if the weather was cold or the distance of the airport.

It was a bond between friends.

“Brother Haoyu and I will leave Jindo City together.” Luo Ruoran explained, “I will go to his city for two days, then transfer from his city to the place where Im going.”

In other words, she would not live in the same city as Gu Haoyu.

She would not even live in the same country as Gu Haoyu.

She only chose the city where Gu Haoyu lived for her transfer, and she would only stay for two days.

“Oh, by the way, Jiang Yao, can I ask you a few questions” Luo Ruoran hesitated before she said, “Recently, Ive been feeling a little weak.

I often feel dizzy and have a bad appetite.

I dont know if its because of my stomachache during the New Year or something else.

Can you prescribe something for me I dont really want to go to the hospital.”

“I havent seen you, so I cant give you a check-up, which means that I cant give you any medicine.

Im in Jin City.

If youre free now, you can come here.

Well have a meal together, and I can give you a check-up.

If theres nothing serious, Ill give you some medicine.

That way, Ill be more at ease.” Jiang Yaos medical skills were rigorous.

She would not give Luo Ruoran medicine to treat her stomach just because she thought she was uncomfortable.

Therefore, Jiang Yao chose to ask Luo Ruoran to see her in person.

Luo Ruoran hesitated for a few seconds before she agreed to do that.

She made an appointment with Jiang Yao at a restaurant in Jin City.

Then, she made a phone call and prepared to drive to Jin City.

After she got off the phone, Jiang Yao explained to Lin Wei and Lin Yao, “Im not going back to the army at noon.

Im going to meet a friend for lunch.

After Im done, Ill come back here to pick you guys up.”

“Okay.” Lin nodded.

“I can also have lunch with my parents.

Its good.

Im not in a hurry to go back to the army anyway.

I dont have anything urgent.”

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