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Chapter 1181: Dogs

That night was a special night for Lu Xingzhi; he treasured every minute and every second of it.

Lu Xingzhi had received the warmest birthday present from Jiang Yao, and she practically had to hold her waist to get out of bed the next day.

When she went to wash her hands and saw herself in the mirror, she wanted to kill Lu Xingzhi.

“Your skin is delicate, and I did not use much strength.” Lu Xingzhi wore a childlike expression on his face.

He gently rubbed the back of her neck with his hand.

“Get some ointment for it, or wear something softer.

Dont rub it anymore.”

“Dog.” Jiang Yao pushed Lu Xingzhi.

“Hurry up and make breakfast.”

“Ill go now,” Lu Xingzhi said, but his feet seemed to be motionless.

He waited until Jiang Yao finished washing up before he followed her out.

After breakfast, Jiang Yao went out with Lu Xingzhi.

They drove Lu Xingzhis car, picked up Lin Wei and Mrs.

Lin, and left for Mrs.

Lins mothers home.

For the people in public institutions, it was time to work.

However, in most peoples homes, it was still the New Year.

It was not a weekend, so only the housekeeper was at Mrs.

Lins mothers home.

Her parents had gone to work, and when they entered the door, Mrs.

Lin brought Jiang Yao to the kitchen.


Lin told the housekeeper that she would bring her friends home to use the oven for baking some cakes, so the housekeeper had already prepared the things she needed the day before that.

Jiang Yao could do it as soon as she arrived.


Lin knew that Jiang Yao could bake, so she was very curious as she was pretty useless in the kitchen.

When Jiang Yao was busy in the kitchen, she did not leave for even a second.

She just watched and learned from Jiang Yao.

“What birthday present did you prepare for Sergeant Lu He seemed to be in an excellent mood this morning.” Mrs.

Lin was a little curious.

“Its a secret!” Jiang Yao smiled and did not answer Mrs.

Lins question.

Gifts were something that husband and wife liked to do on their own.

Of course, she did not want to tell other people.


Lin sneered at Jiang Yao and did not ask further.

The two of them started to talk about other topics.

“You know that Sergeant Lu and my husband are going on a mission, right I heard that Lu Xingzhis first partner was Chen Feitang.

However, when Sergeant Lu saw the candidate, he fell out with the other person and immediately requested a partner change.

The higher-ups agreed and are in the process of re-selecting a candidate.” Mrs.

Lin smiled.

“You two are fated to be with Chen Feitang.

Just like that, and shes assigned to Sergeant Lu.”

“Its a small world, after all.

Thats probably what they say about Chen Feitang and us.” Jiang Yaos appetite turned sour whenever Chen Feitang was mentioned.

However, she heard that Chen Feitang would no longer be on the womens special forces team.

In the future, Lu Xingzhi would not work with Chen Feitang, and that was great news.

Lu Xingzhi had applied to change partners.

Everyone in the entire military region would know that he and Chen Feitang had a feud.


Old Master Chen was in a difficult position, but so what That was all Chen Feitangs own doing.

However, under Old Master Chens commands, even if Chen Feitang were not Lu Xingzhis partner, she would likely remain on the executive list with such an excellent potential to contribute.

She merely did not know who would be assigned to be her partner.


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