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Chapter 1178: Warm Your Bed

Even Lu Xingzhi, who used to resemble Liang Yueze as if they were the same person, became a different person when he got married.


Liang had seen Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao together.

He had only eyes for his wife.

It was a pity that Liang Yueze was not similar to Lu Xingzhi in that regard.

After providing Liang Yueze an explanation over the phone, Lu Xingzhi worked in the study for a few hours before returning to his bedroom.

Jiang Yao had already showered and was lying on the bed, reading a book.

Her eyes brightened up when she heard him open the door and go in.

“Are you done Are you particularly busy during these days because of the mission”

“There is also the issue of work transfer.” Lu Xingzhi agreed with a nod.

“If you are tired, go to bed first.

Im going to take a shower.”

“Ill wait for you!” Jiang Yao smiled gently and patted the empty space beside her.

“Ill warm your bed.”

There was, in fact, a heater in the house.

Even if they went to bed at that time, it would not feel cold.

However, Lu Xingzhi lacked the courage to expose Jiang Yaos adoring demeanor.

Instead, he approached her and kissed her.

He took his clothes and went into the restroom after that.

Jiang Yao stared at the alarm clock again when Lu Xingzhi went into the bathroom.

It was 11:40 pm already.

Lu Xingzhi took only five minutes to shower, and he was out of there ten minutes later.

She wanted to pester Lu Xingzhi for ten minutes and then wish him a happy birthday as soon as it was midnight.

The gift she had planned to give him was already stashed beneath the bed.

She would pull it out and present it to him once she had wished him a happy birthday.

It was not easy for her to hide it from him for so long.

Jiang Yao was a little excited.

She looked forward to Lu Xingzhis expression when he saw the birthday present she had for him.

When Lu Xingzhi emerged from the restroom, he was already dressed in his pajamas.

Jiang Yao, lying on the bed and tracking his body with her eyes, seemed to be staring at him.

He did not waste any time.

He drew the cover and sat down before he pulled his young wife into his arms.

Her body was warm and soft.

Perhaps it was because of her profession, Jiang Yao did not like to use perfume.

She did not like having such a noticeable smell on her body.

Therefore, even the shampoo and shower gel that she used had only a faint lemon scent.

However, Lu Xingzhi liked the smell of her body.

It made him feel incredibly comfortable.

“Did you have a dull night” Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao, who was not sleepy, and asked in a low voice.

Jiang Yao shook her head and found a topic to chat with him.

“They will change your partner for your mission, right Zhou Junmin is looking forward to having a beautiful female soldier as his partner.

What about you What kind of person do you want your partner to be Have you ever gone on missions with someone who pretended to be a couple”

“No.” That answer not only meant that he had never been on a mission where they had to pretend to be a couple, it also meant that he had never fantasized about his partner.

To him, a partner in a mission, whether beautiful or ugly, regardless of gender, was just a comrade.

It was just like when he was on a mission with Chen Feitang a few years ago; she was only his comrade back then.

She was not even a junior.

At that time, Chen Feitang was in charge of covering for him.

However, Lu Xingzhi felt that he could still carry out the mission well without her.

“Go to Tianjin City tomorrow and come back early,” Lu Xingzhi instructed.

Then, he turned around and pressed Jiang Yao under his body.

After Jiang Yao nodded, he looked at her lips in satisfaction.

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