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Chapter 1177: Are You Seeing Her Off

“Of course, Im angry.

I asked Ruoran, but she did not say why.

I asked Yueze, but Yueze also kept it a secret.

They were still fine before the New Year; then, suddenly, he told me that they are getting a divorce.

Its like they think marriage is childs play!” Mrs.

Liang rubbed her eyebrows, then looked at her eldest daughter-in-law and said, “You and Yuekai have been married for many years.

When are you going to have a child Your fathers colleague has been a grandparent for many years.

His older grandson is about to graduate from primary school.”

After Mrs.

Liang finished asking, she saw that her eldest daughter-in-law had fallen silent.

She sighed a few times in her heart.

Her married children did not give her any peace of mind.

The husband and wife were always in harmony with each other.

When an elderly like her asked about grandchildren, her daughter-in-law would stay silent, and her son would say nothing as well.


Liang grumbled in her heart.

The two of them had been married for so many years, yet they did not have children.

Were they also planning to get a divorce whenever there was a chance Perhaps they wanted to get divorced at any time, so they did not want the burden of having children.

Liang Yueze pretended as if he did not hear his mothers words and picked up the phone.

He praised Lu Xingzhi for his excellent timing.

“What is it” Liang Yueze knew Lu Xingzhi well.

He was different from Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao.

He would not call for a chat because he had nothing better to do.

Therefore, it must have been something important.

“A person called Xie Qiuran is doing a paternity test at the Jindo City hospital; please help me stop him.” Lu Xingzhi and Liang Yueze did not beat around the bush.

“Okay.” Liang Yueze immediately agreed.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Master Cheng has already taken Madam Cheng abroad.

He probably wont be back for a while.”

“I know.” Lu Xingzhis people were watching Master Chengs movements, or rather, they were watching Madam Cheng.

Lu Xingzhi had investigated Madam Chengs condition after that.

It was very serious, indeed.

No wonder Jiang Yao told Master Cheng to prepare for her funeral.

However, at that time, Lu Xingzhi had hoped that Madam Cheng would do well and hold on for a little longer.

He wanted to take the time to arrange some things and investigate some matters.

Even though Liang Yueze was curious about why Lu Xingzhi wanted him to help stop Xie Qiurans paternity test, Lu Xingzhi did not intend to explain, so he did not ask further.

“Has Ruoran contacted Jiang Yao” Liang Yueze suddenly asked, “Her flight is the day after tomorrow.

Is Jiang Yao going to see her off”

“No.” Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

If she did, Jiang Yao would definitely tell him.

She had not said anything about that, which meant that Jiang Yao did not know when Luo Ruoran would leave.

“I got it.” Liang Yueze nodded and hung up the phone.


Liang waited for Liang Yueze to hang up the phone before continuing to ask, “Ruoran is leaving.

Are you seeing her off”

“No.” Liang Yueze rejected it without hesitation.

“I heard Ruorans mother say that she wouldnt be back for a long time.

Shes there to expand the companys overseas market.

Once she starts working, she might not come back for a few years, like her mother said.” Mrs.

Liang sighed.

“I know.” Liang Yueze nodded.

“Since you know that—” Why wont he send her off Mrs.

Liang wanted to know, but she did not ask that question, especially when she saw Liang Yuezes expressionless face.

She felt helpless.

That was probably the reason Luo Ruoran wanted to divorce her son.

There were not many girls who could stand that kind of husband who was always expressionless.

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