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Chapter 1172: Persuasion

“I know what you mean, Chief,” Jiang Yao said confidently.

“First and foremost, a spys identity requires not only psychological attributes, but also acting skills and the ability to adapt.

Of course, it is also necessary to be able to defend yourself and support your partner in completing tasks and objectives.

Anyone who looks at me will think that I am an unarmed and weak lady with no defenses.

I have an inherent advantage that other soldiers do not have.”

“Yes, continue.” The bureau chief became interested when he heard that Jiang Yao understood everything; she sounded so confident.

He did not interrupt Jiang Yao and let her finish.

“My marksmanship and my skills are not bad.

Lu Xingzhi taught all of those personally.

You should know that I learned marksmanship in the army when I visited him last time.

He even praised me for it.

My physical strength is comparable to that of a regular female soldier.

Most significantly, I am a medical professional.

I am capable of handling any emergency.

Furthermore, the importance of being a spy is to adapt to the situation rather than to fight.

I must be quick-witted to obtain relevant information and relay it to the organization.”

Even though the chief initially believed Jiang Yaos self-recommendation was ludicrous, he changed his mind after hearing Jiang Yaos statements.

He gazed at Jiang Yaos tiny face; it was the size of his palm.

He had to accept that Jiang Yao was right about one thing.

Her physical appearance gave her an advantage.

People would mistake her for a delicate young lady based on her appearance.

The chief had also learned that Lu Xingzhi had personally taught his wife to shoot.

Sergeant Lu had also praised his wifes marksmanship.

Jiang Yao had also persuaded the bureau chief on another point.

The trust and tacit understanding between her and Lu Xingzhi were incomparable.

The most important thing was her medical skills.

Perhaps her medical skills would be of great help in the field.

However, the bureau chief remained rational.

Those advantages did not mean that Jiang Yao would not become a burden to Lu Xingzhi in his actions.

Jiang Yao waited for a long time but did not receive an answer from the bureau chief.

When she saw the bureau chiefs brows relaxed, she frowned again.

She guessed that the bureau chief was still worried about her.

“You can test me.

If I pass your test, then you can put it in your report that I am the best partner for Lu Xingzhi!” Jiang Yao was brimming with energy.

“I can do it all, whether it is physical fitness, adaptability, or marksmanship!”

Jiang Yao gritted her teeth and stomped her feet when she noticed the bureau chiefs hesitation.

She said, “Chief, think carefully.

At that moment, Lu Xingzhi will have to pretend to be married to another woman! With his cold face, who do you think will believe him if he pretends to be married to another woman Unless you arrange for him to act alone or get him a sister instead!”

Jiang Yaos words amused the bureau chief.

“Sergeant Lu has always been very dedicated and responsible for every mission.”

“Is he also responsible for the intimate interactions he has with other women Theres nothing to lose if you just consider it.

You can test me.

If I pass, itll be beneficial for the mission.

If I fail, then Ill never mention such things to make things difficult for you again!”

Jiang Yao almost broke her tongue before she finally got approval from the chief.

He asked for her phone number before telling her to go home and wait for the call to attend her test.

Jiang Yao felt satisfied as she left the chiefs office.

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