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Chapter 1170: Go By Yourself

“Why dont you go” Moe rolled his eyes.

“In terms of ability, youre no worse than that woman, let alone as a spy.

Your look deceives more than anyone elses.”

Jiang Yao gasped in surprise, but she took it as a compliment from Moe.


“Your ability is not inferior to that of Chen Feitang.

You can protect yourself.

You also know marksmanship, and you also know martial arts.

Your hearing and vision are way better than any other human.

As a spy, you will do better than anyone else, and you will obtain information faster and more accurately than anyone else.” He continued to say, “So instead of you having to guard against that woman, you might as well do it yourself.

Furthermore, you and your man are husband and wife.

The two of you dont have to pretend.

That way, a real husband and wife will be more believable.”

The more Jiang Yao listened, the more she felt that what Moe said had made sense.

She nodded and said, “Yes, we are a real couple.

The intimacy between us will not appear fake, and it will be more unbreakable than a fake couple.”

Furthermore, Jiang Yao also felt that she was more confident than Chen Feitang in terms of looks.

Chen Feitang might look noble, but with Jiang Yaos appearance, people would think that she was delicate and weak, so they would not be suspicious and wary of her.

“The most important thing is that I have medical skills.

I can handle any emergency.” Jiang Yao clapped her hands and exclaimed, “Your idea is incredible!”

However, after she got excited, Jiang Yao looked in the direction of the kitchen and sighed.

“But Xingzhi will never agree to let me participate in the mission.”

That was a fact; Jiang Yao could already guess without even asking.

Lu Xingzhi wanted to work hard to support her; he hoped she could live a carefree life under his protection.

Jiang Yao sighed.

“Looks like we can only do it covertly.

Tomorrow morning, when he leaves, well find the Chief!”

“Okay, Ill support you.” Moe raised his paw.

“Just treat it as a surprise for him.”

It was probably more like a shock.

Jiang Yao touched the tip of her nose, then sat down at the dining table and looked at the busy man in the kitchen.

It was only a late-night snack, but it had to be nutritious.

He prepared two fried eggs and put some vegetables in the noodles.

When he came out of the kitchen, Jiang Yao was not only hungry, but her stomach also growled.

“Smells delicious!” Jiang Yao liked Lu Xingzhis fried eggs very much.

They were thin and fragrant.

He even sprinkled some pepper on the eggs to warm her stomach.

Then, he laid the fried eggs on top of the noodles; he did not put them in the pot to cook them.

Lu Xingzhi smiled when he received Jiang Yaos compliment.

“Just eat all of it; dont leave even a single bite.”

Of course, Lu Xingzhi also felt that that was unlikely.

After all, Jiang Yaos appetite was quite small.

However, he liked to cook for her.

Then, he would watch her bury herself in the big bowl and eat the noodles he had cooked so happily.

She was so full that she touched her round stomach and burped.

When she could not finish her food, she would act coquettishly and push the bowl in front of him.

Then she would watch admiringly as he finished the food for her.

Finally, Jiang Yao ate until she was too full to move.

Then, she would push the bowl at him to let him finish it.

After he finished eating and washing the dishes, she stood at the kitchen door and watched him while waiting for him.

After he was done with his chores, she would let him lead her back to the room.

Even though Lu Xingzhi was unhappy because Chen Feitang was his undercover partner, he did not let it affect his training the next morning.

The mission meeting had ended yesterday, but he still had to wait for the notification before he could begin the mission officially.

After all, there were still many temporary identities that needed to be arranged.

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