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Chapter 1165: When Do We Set Off

Lu Xingzhis words made the person on the other end of the phone immediately fall silent.

He was right; if Mrs.

Sun were the fools wife and suspected that Jiang Yao was her daughter, why would she need the fools blood since she already had Jiang Yaos hair Why did she not use her blood for the identification test

“But I took Xie Qiurans photo and asked many old locals in the town.

Everyone said that she was the fools wife.

They insisted that they would not mistake her.”

That was true; no one would forget such a beautiful girl.

No one would be mistaken.

“Take Xie Qiuxiangs photo and ask them again.

They are twin sisters.

They look similar, especially when they were 20 years old,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“That doesnt sound right.

Xie Qiuxiang had in prison because she killed her husband—”

“Just do as I say,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Tell me when you have the result.”

Then, Lu Xingzhi put his phone back into his pocket.

At that moment, he had a vague guess, but it was a bold one.

It was decades ago, so it was difficult to investigate, indeed.

Back then, especially in the countryside, couples got married without the need for a certificate.

A banquet was already considered a formal marriage.

Marriage certificates did not exist in their minds at all.

Therefore, it was not easy to investigate Xie Qiuran and Xie Qiuxiangs news through the authorities.

Not long after Lu Xingzhi returned to his office, Commissar Wang was there to talk about the mission.

“I thought youre not here.” Commissar Wang knocked on the door and walked into the room.

“There has been a new development in the mission that the chief discussed with you.

The informant reported that the criminal group is cooperating with some other groups at the border.

One side is sending people, and the other side is sending money.

The money was paid according to the number of people they have.

If they die, then compensation will be negotiated separately.”

“When do we set off” Lu Xingzhi was afraid that Commissar Wang would say the day after tomorrow.

“We dont have confirmation yet.

The higher-ups are still gathering information anxiously, and they also need to get cooperation from the female army corps.

They need to arrange a fake identity for those going on the mission, and they also need you to take action, so it wont be that quick.” Commissar Wang looked at Lu Xingzhi.

“Isnt it your birthday the day after tomorrow Dont worry, it wont be that fast.

Im just telling you in advance so that you can be mentally prepared.

You can still have a good time with your wife on your birthday.”

Lu Xingzhi hummed in gratitude, but his heart was relieved.

At home, Jiang Yao laid on the bed and stared at Moe silently.

She did not show any signs of weakness as she stared at him.

“I wont go even if you want me to go.

I wont go even if your eyeballs were to pop out.

Besides, your man wont allow me to leave your side.

He thinks I have the same function as Ah Lu and Big Ke, and that is to protect you at all times,” Moe said quietly.

“Actually, I am quite useful by your side.

For example, when you were kidnapped a few days ago, if it were not for my sharp claws, you would still be tied up right now.”

“Theres a scalpel in the system lab.” She could take out everything in the system lab, so it was useless for Jiang Yao to use a claw to cut the rope.

Moe was speechless; he had forgotten about that.

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