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Chapter 1162: Have A Good Time

After a day of fun in Jindo City, it was already past ten oclock when they returned to the hotel after looking at Jindo Citys beautiful night view.

Lu Xiaoxiao and the others were almost crawling on their feet.

“Sister-in-law, Im going to take a shower first.” As soon as she entered the room, Lu Xiaoxiao rushed into the bathroom.

As she stood at the door, she looked at Jiang Yao, who was happily tidying up the souvenirs she had bought.

Lu Xiaoxiao could not help but praise her.

“Sister-in-law, my brother must have trained your stamina, right”

“Hurry up and take a shower.” Jiang Yaos face became hot.

Lu Xiaoxiao was not married yet, so it must not have been what she had meant.

However, she still urged Lu Xiaoxiao in embarrassment.

Lu Xingzhis stamina was many times better than hers.

It was as if he could not be tired.

She even thought that Lu Xingzhis potential was almost beyond most humans.

Once he was fully stimulated, he was the strongest person in the world.

If Lu Xingzhi had lived during the war, he would have been able to dominate a region.

After Lu Xiaoxiao entered the bathroom, Jiang Yao took her phone, put on her coat, and went to the balcony to call Lu Xingzhi.

It was pretty late, but Lu Xingzhi would never sleep until she called him.

The phone beeped twice before the other party picked it up.

The man spoke with his usual low tone as his wifes voice echoed in his ears.

“Did you have fun” Lu Xingzhi regretted that he did not have the time to accompany her to enjoy Jindo City.

He could not accompany her to appreciate the scenery that he had seen by himself.

“I had fun.

My parents also had a lot of fun, but they were exhausted.

We took a lot of photos today.

If you were here, it would be our family photo.” Jiang Yao sighed regretfully.

“Soaking in a hot bath before going to bed will make you feel much better,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“What about you Are you exhausted too Dont force yourself.

You should rest when youre tired.

If you dont sleep well, its not good for your body.

You must take care of our son.”

Jiang Yao was embarrassed and replied carelessly, “Its over.

I left your son in the mountains!”

“Its okay.

Ill pick him up later.” Lu Xingzhi chuckled.

No one knew if he was amused by his own answer or by Jiang Yaos words.

“Then you better hurry up.

If youre late, the wolf will take him away!” Jiang Yao became more excited as she spoke.

Then, she told Lu Xingzhi about the souvenirs she had bought that day and what to give to Wen Xuehui and her other roommates; even Huang Chenchen had some.

“That means only me and my son dont have one.” Lu Xingzhi chuckled.

“Youre a good wife.”

Jiang Yao pretended to be dumb; she acted like she did not hear his words.

He kept mentioning a son as if she was already pregnant.

“Oh, right! I met Sun Xiaoshan at the hotel today.

Shes Zhou Weiqis junior sister, the one who looks like me.

I saw her today.

She does look a little like me, but only a little.

But Im prettier than her!” Jiang Yao flattered herself shamelessly.

“Dont worry.

No matter how many people in the world look like me, your wife will always be the most beautiful one.”

Yes, it was not awkward to see her face, but it was uncomfortable to see who was uglier.

Lu Xingzhi knew about that matter; he had read the report in the evening.

When he heard that Mrs.

Sun had taken Jiang Yaos hair, he guessed that she wanted to use Jiang Yaos hair for a test.

She probably wanted to do a DNA test between her and Jiang Yao.

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