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Chapter 1158: Mismatched Horoscope


Suns eyelids twitched, and she denied it.

“Sir, please dont speak nonsense.”

Big Ke glanced at Mrs.

Sun coldly and immediately went forward to pull two long strands of black hair from Mrs.

Suns coat pocket.

“These are Young Madam Lus hair.

I saw you put them in your pocket just now.”

Big Kes gaze did not shift away from Jiang Yao, not even for a second.

He watched as Mrs.

Sun touched Jiang Yao as a cover and then pulled two strands of Jiang Yaos hair and hid them in her pocket.

Big Ke initially thought that Mrs.

Sun had accidentally taken two strands of her hair.

It was not until she withdrew her hand that Big Ke realized something was wrong with that woman—her first action was not to push her daughters wheelchair but to put the strands of hair into her coat pocket.

“You are ridiculous! Its just two strands of hair that accidentally got stuck on my coat.” Mrs.

Sun did not even feel embarrassed after the matter was exposed.

She tried to cover her words and explained calmly, “Its winter, and there is a lot of static electricity.

We are women, and we have long hair; we often lose them.

Isnt it normal for us to have a few strands of hair on our bodies”

Big Ke did not argue with Mrs.


He only wanted to report Mrs.

Suns actions to Young Master Lu so that he could get someone to investigate the reason Mrs.

Sun wanted Director Jiangs hair.


Sun pushed Sun Xiaoshan to hail a taxi outside the hotel and left.


and Mrs.

Jiang did not speak the entire time.

Jiang Jie and Jiang Lei even looked at the girl in the wheelchair.

They felt that no one in the world would look so similar by coincidence.

They had a bad feeling when Mrs.

Sun stole Jiang Yaos hair.

Perhaps other people would believe Mrs.

Suns explanation, but the Jiang family did not believe it at all, especially when the two Sun ladies looked so much like Jiang Yao.

Why would Mrs.

Sun steal Jiang Yaos hair

The Jiang familys first reaction was the paternity test that Jiang Yao had mentioned.

They heard that medical technology had gotten very advanced.

They only needed a little blood and some hair to determine if two people were related to each other.

Jiang Yao, her parents, and Jiang Lei got into Gu Haoyus car.

Jiang Yao sat in the passenger seat while Gu Haoyu drove the car out of the hotel steadily.

While he chatted with Jiang Yao, he said, “I see that you seem to be very cold toward Sun Xiaoshan and her mother.”

When Mrs.

Sun reached out to touch Jiang Yao, her subconsciously evasive action had been very obvious.

Anyone would feel awkward about that.

However, Mrs.

Sun did not seem to realize it as she placed her hand on Jiang Yaos head and touched it.

If Gu Haoyu had to describe Jiang Yaos expression when Mrs.

Sun touched her, then she looked as if she had touched a pile of sh*t.

“I dont like her.” Jiang Yao nodded.

The dislike that emanated from the depths of her soul was probably due to the fact that they looked alike.

“Ive come into contact with Sun Xiaoshan a few times.

Shes been overly protected since she was young because of her illness.

Her temperament isnt as mature as her age.

Shes actually quite simple.

Perhaps her greatest wish is to live,” Gu Haoyu said.

“I can tell.” Jiang Yao could sense Sun Xiaoshans simple temperament.

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