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Chapter 1155: What A Coincidence

“As one would expect from Jindo Citys Grand Hotel, our countrys most famous Grand Hotel! Look at the rooms in this hotel, Sister-in-law.

Oh, my goodness!” Lu Xiaoxiao dropped onto the bed as soon as she entered the room.

She was the daughter of a local tycoon, but she was so excited that she acted like a spoiled brat who had never seen the world.

“Im afraid its not cheap.” Second Uncle Lu rubbed his chin and chuckled.

“Big Brother, Sister-in-law, Ive told you before, right Lu Xingzhi is very competent.

He definitely doesnt lack money.

Only the two of you are foolish enough to worry that he doesnt eat well or wear enough in the army because his salary isnt too high.”

Second Uncle Lu was a businessman, so he had been walking around the city.

He had already guessed that the people in the city were so nice to him, not just because he had money but also because of his nephew, Lu Xingzhi.

“My brother is definitely not short of money!” Lu Xiaoxiao stood up from the bed and smiled.

“Just look at the gifts that my sister-in-law brought back for us during the New Year.

My brother is just keeping a low profile.

Unlike my father, who has a little money and wants to make it known to everyone.”

“Stupid Girl, you would say that about your biological father” Second Uncle Lu was so angry that he wanted to punch his daughter.

He knew that Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yaos family had gone to Jindo City, and Gu Haoyu was also at the hotel for no reason at all.

He thought that Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yaos family would not have to squeeze into extra cars with him driving one.

When Gu Haoyu found them, he happened to hear them laughing and talking.

It was a smile that could infect people to make them smile.

“Are you ready Are you all set to go” Gu Haoyu looked at Jiang Yao and asked.

Then, he greeted the elderly in the room and introduced himself.

“Im the second brother, Gu Haoyu.”

“I remember; I did not forget.” Mrs.

Lu smiled gently.

“We havent seen you for more than a year.

Its rare for you to come back and not stay at home with your parents.

Why are you here with us instead”

“Theyre not in Jindo City either.

They feel that Jindo City is too cold, so they went to Province N.” Gu Haoyu smiled.

“Thats why Im lonely and thick-skinned enough to follow you guys.”

After chatting and laughing for a while, everyone left their luggage at the hotel and left in high spirits.

The kidnapping the day before had ruined everyones mood, but when they woke up that morning, they still looked forward to their trip to Jindo City.


and Mrs.

Jiang had gotten on in years.

After that trip, perhaps they would return to the countryside, and in the future, they would not have to travel so far to Jindo City to have a few days of fun.

Therefore, Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang cherished that opportunity to travel with their family.

They were also very excited to go to Jindo City and experienced its splendor.

They were the first in the village to do that, and they were very proud.

After missing the national flag, everyone walked downstairs to debate whether they should go to the museum first or climb the mountain first.

Jiang Yao and her group filled the elevator.

When the elevator came to a halt, many people saw that there were so many people inside.

They decisively chose to wait for the next one, except for two people.

The two exceptions shocked everyone in the elevator.

“Senior Gu!” Sun Xiaoshan was the first to notice Gu Haoyu, who was at the outermost part of the elevator and greeted him excitedly.

“I did not expect to meet you on my first visit to Jindo City.”

When Sun Xiaoshan and Gu Haoyu were studying abroad, Gu Haoyu had attended classes.

The two of them were from the same school, but they had different majors and different departments.

However, they were fortunate enough to meet a few times at school activities.

Since they were from the same country, they had spoken a few times.

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