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Chapter 1144: Life And Death Are Determined By Fate

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“Master Chengs purpose in finding Jiang Yao is to treat Madam Chengs illness.

Maybe you can ask her to treat Madam Cheng.

Regardless of whether she can be healed or not, just do your best.” Then, Old Master Liang looked at Master Cheng and said, “Regardless of whether Jiang Yao can cure your wife or not, Master Cheng, you were in the wrong.

Take your family out of Jin City and put the manor under Jiang Yaos name as an apology.

If she can heal your wife, then the favor you owe her is your business, and it is up to you how you would want to repay her.

I wont interfere.”

Old Master Liangs method was rigorous and did not favor either side, no matter Lu Xingzhi or Master Cheng.

“No! Even though Young Madam Lu is the Divine Doctors student, she is still too young.

I am looking for the Divine Doctor,” Master Cheng said.

“Young Madam Lu just saw Xinyou, and she told us to prepare for her funeral.”

Old Master Liang glanced at Jiang Yao, and she nodded at him.

She understood him.

Then, she said, “The words are unpleasant, but they are the truth.”

Old Master Liang nodded to show that he understood.

Then, he turned to the servants in the living room and said, “All of you, get out.”

They did not move; they looked at Old Master Cheng.

It was not until Old Master Cheng nodded that those people left.

Old Master Liang looked at Cheng Jinyan and the little boy beside him.

His gaze trembled.

Then, he looked at the little boy again in confusion; he did not let the two of them leave.

They were Master Chengs sons.

It was okay for them to be there.

After the servants left, Old Master Liang said, “If Jiang Yao said that its hopeless, there is no one in the world who can save her.

She is the person that you are looking for; dont underestimate her because she is young.

As the head of the Cheng family, I didnt expect you to not understand that.”

Old Master Liangs words shocked the Cheng family members.

The three of them immediately looked at Jiang Yao, who sat quietly on the sofa.

Their eyes were filled with astonishment.

“Not many people know about this, so you and your family would not have found out either.

Im telling you now because I trust you that you can keep this secret.” Then, he sighed.

“Life and death are determined by fate.

You must have seen many doctors, so you know the diagnosis.

Since Jiang Yao has seen her, then it is up to you now.

Leave Jin City.

Otherwise, its not only about not curing your loved one, but you wont be able to protect your family either.”

The youngest Cheng boy was the first to make a sound.

He understood the situation—the woman who looked like his mother was the Divine Doctor they had been looking for, and she had said that his mother would never wake up again.

That meant his mother would never open her eyes again.

The little boy bit his lips and sobbed softly.

Then, he hugged Cheng Jinyans thigh and buried his face in his brothers palm to suppress his sobs.

“Brother, Im going to lose my mother, right” the little boy asked with a choked voice.

Master Cheng seemed to have aged in an instant.

He fell weakly onto the sofa and did not make a sound for a long time.

After a long while, Master Cheng called out to Cheng Jinyan.

“Ill take your brother and your mother away tonight.

Stay here to deal with the aftermath.

Give this manor to Young Madam Lu from now onward.”

“Father—” Cheng Jinyan was unwilling, but he did not know what else to say.

Master Cheng shook his head and did not say anything.

He held his youngest sons hand and went upstairs, leaving a staggering figure for everyone to see.

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