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Chapter 1136: Boastful Child

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“Brother, if she leaves, Mommy wont be able to wake up.

She cant leave!” The little boy held Cheng Jinyans hand and said, “Brother, Mommy has to wake up.

Father and I arent afraid of others.

We have people and guns.

If her husband comes, well just fight him.”

“What a boastful thing to say for a child.” Jiang Yao looked at the three or four-year-old boy in a new light.

“I believe the Divine Doctor wont do that.

If she does, isnt she afraid that you and your family will fall into our hands” Jiang Yaos threat was intolerable to Master Cheng, so he spoke again with a much harsher tone.

“Little Girl, since you are standing here, you have no choice.”

“Auntie, we still have your family in our hands.

If you dont listen to us obediently, we will kill her!” The little boys eyes were filled with killing intent.

That childs words and gaze were shocking.

However, in the blink of an eye, that killing intent disappeared.

He was once again that delicate and beautiful child.

“Auntie, I heard that your medical skills are also excellent.

Perhaps you dont need your teacher to cure my mother.

My father said that he would agree to three conditions as long as you are willing to help.

When the time comes, no matter what you want, as long as my father can do it, he will definitely do it.”

Then, the little boy looked up at Master Cheng.

He said, “Father, let her go.

She is the Divine Doctors student.

I heard from the doctors in Jin City that she is also very good at medicine.

She can perform surgery on a baby boy alone for several hours.

Maybe Mommy is not so serious that she needs the Divine Doctor to do it Father, dont you think so”

The little boy hoped that his mother was not so seriously ill that she needed the Divine Doctor to cure her.

He just hoped that his mother would only sleep for a while longer.

A good doctor would wake her up.

Master Cheng doted on his second son and ordered his men to escort Jiang Yao to the room upstairs.

When Jiang Yao saw the men, she scolded them coldly.

“I can walk on my own.

Just lead the way!”

Lu Xiaoxiao was in their hands, so she could not run away alone.

Even if she saw the patient, she would not help.

She just needed to stall for time and wait for Lu Xingzhi to come with his men.

When the men realized that Jiang Yao seemed very angry, they stopped and looked at Master Cheng.

The older man glanced at Jiang Yao, nodded at his men, and they left again.

The little boy followed behind Jiang Yao quietly.

He threatened her in a childish voice.

“This place is full of my fathers men, so dont even think about running away.

Even if you can run away, dont forget that we have another person in our hands.

If you run away, we will kill you.”

“You are too young to say the word kill like a devil.” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes as she rebuked the little boy.

“If your mother were lying on the bed and couldnt answer you, you would do the same as I did.”

The little boy ignored Jiang Yao.

He followed behind Jiang Yao and stared at her.

He was probably afraid that she would run away.

Jiang Yao was pushed into a room on the fourth floor.

The moment she entered, she could smell disinfectant.

The room had been converted into a professional ward.

There were two private nurses there.

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