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Chapter 1133: Youre Already Awake

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Perhaps he should have asked his fourth and fifth brothers, and Ah Lu and Big Ke to bring them from Jin City to Jindo City.

He relaxed his guard for a moment, and he did not expect someone would do that.

Lu Xingzhis stare was unnervingly cold.

If they dared to kidnap his wife and cousin, they had to be prepared for his lightning-fast retaliation.

He had arranged for his family to be sent back to the army to await news.

It was dangerous outside, and only the army was safe for them.

Lu Xingzhi was not sure if the people who kidnapped Jiang Yao and Lu Xiaoxiao were after him or Jiang Yao, the Divine Doctors student.

Jiang Yao was a little uneasy lying in the car for nearly an hour as she pretended to be unconscious.

Fortunately, she and Lu Xiaoxiao were carried out of the car after the vehicle came to a complete stop.

Jiang Yao did not know much about Jin City, but she was aware of the citys development on the north side.

The citys north side used to be an impoverished rural area.

It gradually developed as a result of the opening of a few factories.

In the last two or three years, a super-rich person had developed a piece of land north of the city that was relatively far from the factories.

Many villas were built, and it appeared that there was even a manor.

Then, some factories were ordered to be reorganized and relocated.

Jiang Yao peered through the cloth to look at the surrounding scenery.

Every blade of grass and tree in that area had been meticulously trimmed to a specific shape by professionals.

As a result, it could not be a factory, so it had to be that legendary luxurious manor.

Jiang Yao and Lu Xiaoxiao were separated as they got to the building.

Jiang Yao was carried upstairs while Lu Xiaoxiao was taken to an unknown location.

As the man carried her up the stairs, Jiang Yao shook Moe from her hat and asked him to protect Lu Xiaoxiao.

When they put Jiang Yao in a room, they also took her phone.

Fortunately, Jiang Yao had deleted all of the messages on her phone, so she was not concerned if they would examine her messages.

After they removed Jiang Yaos phone, the man opened the door and carried her inside.

Jiang Yao detected a strong scent of books and ink as soon as she stepped into the room.

When she could see the furnishings in the room, she realized it was a study.

“Master Cheng, Ive returned with her.” The man did not throw her onto the ground.

Instead, he placed her gently on the sofa.

Then he said, “I am sure youre awake when you get out of the car.

Stop faking it.”

The man nudged Jiang Yaos shoulder as he spoke.

“An unconscious person has a different breathing rate than when they are awake.”

Jiang Yao had no idea she would be exposed or that the person would even notice her breathing rate.

Even a minor detail like that was enough to reveal that she had pretended to be asleep.

As a result, she was relieved that the person thought she only woke up when she got out of the car and not that she had not been rendered unconscious at all.

It made sense when she thought about it.

No one could have been as vigilant as she had been after they were exposed to ether.

Jiang Yao decided to stop pretending.

She stood up and untied the rope she was using behind her back.

She shook her aching hands and slowly removed the cloth from her eyes.

“I dont know how Ive offended you to make you go through so much trouble to bring me here,” she said coldly as she raised her eyes and looked at the man who sat in front of the desk.

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