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Chapter 1132: What Was It For

“Does that mean someone kidnapped Yaoyao and Lu Xiaoxiao” Mr.

Lu quickly held his wife and asked to confirm.

“Yes! Thats what the people outside said.

They saw it with their own eyes.

Theyve been gone for a few minutes! Someone has already called the police.” Jiang Lei was anxious.

“How can they be kidnapped in broad daylight Why is the north so chaotic”

The two families were in a panic, and Lu Xingzhi was so anxious that he could not sit still after receiving the text.

He immediately asked for leave to go to Jin City, but because he had taken a leave of absence the previous year and was on duty then, he had to ask for leave at the last minute.

The military leaders always had to ask about it.

When they heard that his wife and cousin had been kidnapped at the Jin City bus station, the military immediately paid attention to it.

They sent people with Lu Xingzhi to contact the police station in Jin City.

Jiang Yaos text message would come every few minutes; they told him which intersection the car had passed and which direction to go.

Lu Xingzhi was afraid that Jiang Yao would be discovered, so he did not dare reply to her text messages.

However, when he arrived at the police station in Jin City, Jiang Yao had not sent him a message for more than half an hour.

When Lu Xingzhi arrived at the police station, the Lu and Jiang families were already there.

They were frantic.


Lu and Mrs.

Jiang were sitting on the chairs and wiping their tears.

The men were frowning in worry.

When he saw Lu Xingzhi, Mr.

Lu asked, “Is that kidnapping for you or money”

If it were for money, then everything would be fine.

However, if it were for Lu Xingzhi, then it would be difficult.


Lu knew that as a soldier, Lu Xingzhis identity had many unstable factors.

The more meritorious deeds Lu Xingzhi did, the more enemies he would make.

“I dont know yet, but Yaoyao texted me a few minutes ago.” Lu Xingzhi laid the map on the table.

“According to Yaoyaos texts, the locations she mentioned were at the city center.

The car circled the city center several times and went to different roads.

Apparently, those people were very vigilant to see if anyone was following them.

After circling for more than half an hour, they finally left Bright Peace Road, passed the Bright Peace Bridge, and headed north on Autumn Stone Road.

Yaoyao had not sent a text in half an hour, so her phone must have been taken away.

Therefore, according to the time of the last text, the kidnappers last stop was probably at Autumn Stone Road, the Autumn Dew Villa area in the north of the city!”

Lu Xingzhi tapped on the map with his finger.

“Walk from Autumn Stone Avenue to the north of the city.

Other than Autumn Dew Villa, a few factory districts and a few villages are within half an hour away.

However, according to the information we got, the van is 90% new.

The people who got out of the van also look like well-trained people.

Therefore, we can eliminate the villages.

We need to place most of our manpower and police force in Autumn Dew Villa and a few factories.”

Lu Xingzhi had set off from the army and had been searching for that information along the way.

Fortunately, that information was not difficult to find, and Jiang Yao had already sent him the license plate number.

When he reached the vicinity of Autumn Stone Avenue, he only needed to ask the people nearby to confirm whether the car had gone to the factory or Autumn Stone Villa.

Lu Xingzhi was extremely vexed.

If he had known that would happen, he would have asked for leave and personally accompanied Jiang Yao and the others to Jindo City even if he had to strike his superiors table.

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