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Chapter 1131: Something Terrible Has Happened

They were extremely fast.

When Jiang Yao snapped back to her senses, she had already been dragged into the car.

She did not even have time to shout.

When she saw her family in the waiting hall, she was also worried for their safety.

It was not a problem for her to escape alone.

However, Lu Xiaoxiao was also dragged into the car with her.

Jiang Yao detected a whiff of ether on the towel.

With such a high concentration, it should not take more than a few seconds for her to fall into unconsciousness.

However, Jiang Yao did not seem to feel any discomfort, but Lu Xiaoxiao was already unconscious.

Jiang Yao thought about it for a few seconds and decided to pretend to be unconscious.

Then, she allowed them to drag her into the car and throw her into the back seat.

Then, they covered her eyes and mouth with a cloth.

It only took about five to six seconds from the time Jiang Yao and Lu Xiaoxiao were dragged into the car until it drove away.

It happened so quickly that even the people around them could not react in time.

Jiang Yao sat in the back seat of the car.

The piece of cloth in front of her did not bother her.

Those people threw her and Lu Xiaoxiao into the back row and knocked her down.

As the car sped away, Moe jumped out of Jiang Yaos pocket and poked her with his claws as if to see if Jiang Yao had fainted.

When he noticed Jiang Yaos finger moving in response, he stretched his claws and cut the rope around Jiang Yaos wrists.

Then he quietly took the phone from Jiang Yaos pocket and stuffed it into Jiang Yaos hand.

Despite the fact that a cloth covered Jiang Yaos eyes, she could still see the entire situation in the car.

Six strong men were in the car with them.

It was a seven-seater van, and she and Lu Xiaoxiao were in the last row, so it was very crowded, especially with the six men in the first two rows.

Jiang Yao looked out the window at the scenery.

She could see the license plate of a car in the rearview mirror.

Then she sent a text message to Lu Xingzhi.

Fortunately, she frequently texted Lu Xingzhi while she was at school.

So, even if she did not look down at her phone, she could type out the words she wanted to type and send the text message to Lu Xingzhis phone.

Moe returned Jiang Yaos phone to her pocket after he noticed that she had sent the text message.

Then he went into Jiang Yaos hat because he was afraid that the men would search her body and take her phone away when they arrived at their destination.

If he were still hiding in her pocket, then they would discover him too.

Besides, the two families were still waiting for Jiang Yao and Lu Xiaoxiao to come back even though they were about to leave the station.

Jiang Lei muttered to himself, “Lu Xiaoxiao must have seen something interesting and dragged Yaoyao along to join in the fun.

Otherwise, Yaoyao wouldnt be someone who doesnt understand the concept of time.”

Since Lu Xiaoxiaos father was also there, Jiang Lei mumbled to Jiang Jie and Wang Xian.

Then, he said to the older members, “Ill go look for the two of them.” Then, he ran out.

It would have been better if he did not ask around, but Jiang Lei was scared out of his wits once he did.

He was so scared that he ran back to the waiting hall and shouted, “Dad! Mom! Something terrible has happened! The people said they saw a few men dragging Yaoyao and Lu Xiaoxiao into a van and left! Theyve been gone for a few minutes already!”

“What” Mrs.

Lu and Mrs.

Jiang almost fainted when they heard that.

“What do you mean dragging them into a van and leaving”

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