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Chapter 1128: Many People Were Investigating

Jiang Yaos speed with makeup was exceptionally fast.

It was clear that she was already getting the hang of it.

Lu Xingzhi, who was standing behind her, asked, “Why are you here so early”

“Its not early.

Itll start in half an hour.” After a pause, Lu Xingzhi asked, “Wheres your phone I called you just now.

Did you not hear it”

“The phone is in my jacket pocket.

Its hanging over there now.

Theres a heater backstage.

Its very hot to wear a jacket.

Did you call me I did not hear it.

Whats the matter” Jiang Yao waited until the child in her hand was done with her makeup before she straightened her back.

She looked at the camera in Lu Xingzhis hand, then at Lu Xingzhi without saying anything.

Lu Xingzhi had asked Lu Yuqing to bring the camera.

After Lu Xingzhi had called Lu Yuqing, she had told her about it.

Anyway, that guy seemed to be deliberately waiting for her to make a fool of herself so that he could take a picture of her.

“Its okay.

You do your thing.

Ill wait outside.” Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

His gaze swept across Jiang Yaos face for a few seconds, then he smiled and left.

It was good; Jiang Yao was not angry.

It was as if she was still enjoying herself backstage.

In that case, he would not have to worry about her ignoring him when they go home that night.

Lu Xingzhi was very satisfied with that.

Therefore, he could still lower his head and text as he sat in the chair in front of the stage.

Lu Xingzhi wanted to contact Zhou Weiqi.

The Jiang and Lu families would only stay in the barracks for the night.

After breakfast the next morning, Jiang Yao would bring them to Jindo City.

He needed Zhou Weiqi to accompany them, and he also called Big Ke and Ah Lu.

They were also in Jindo City.

When Jiang Yao and the others arrived, Big Ke and Ah Lu would protect them secretly.

Zhou Weiqis New Year was spent with the Liang family.

On the second day of the New Year, he shamelessly went to the Zhan family to celebrate with them.

There were not many people in Jindo City who did not know about Zhou Weiqis matter.

Zhan Qiuhes parents were very soft-hearted.

Once Zhou Weiqi arrived, they treated him with good food and drinks.

Zhou Weiqi was so happy that he did not even want to leave.

Halfway through his text message, Du Chen suddenly called his cell phone.

Of course, Du Chens call was not to wish him a Happy New Year.

Instead, he gave Lu Xingzhi a long list of names.

It was related to Jiang Yao.

“Currently, no one else knows that Young Madam Lu is the Divine Doctor, but many people know she is the Divine Doctors student.

Many people in Nanjiang city are looking into the Divine Doctors student, and some people in the vicinity of Yuan City are also doing the same.

There are also people looking into Province A, Jindo City, and Jin City.

Many people dont know that the Divine Doctors student is Young Madam Lu, so to prevent more people from focusing their attention on her, she needs to keep a low profile as much as possible during that period.”

Those were all messages that Du Chen had sent.

He remembered Jiang Yaos kindness toward him, so he would spare no effort to help her.

“I got it.” Lu Xingzhi thanked him before he hung up the phone.

Back then, Jiang Yao only did what she wanted to do.

He did not expect Du Chen to owe Jiang Yao a favor.

However, Du Chen had helped her a lot, so Lu Xingzhi thanked him willingly.

After he ended the call with Du Chen, Lu Xingzhi sent Zhou Weiqi a text message.

He asked him to get someone to inspect all the places Jiang Yao was to go the next day.

He needed to ensure that Jiang Yao and his family would not be harmed.

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