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Chapter 1127: Get On Stage

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It was already time for dinner after Lu Xingzhi finished his work.

He dashed over to the cafeteria after learning that Zhou Junmin had brought his family there.

When he noticed a large table full of people, he looked around and asked Lu Xiaoxiao, “Where is your sister-in-law”

“Isnt Sister-in-law going on stage tonight She was called to go put on makeup,” Lu Xiaoxiao responded.

Lu Xingzhi arched his brow.

Only then did he realize his wife had been asked to perform on stage.

Jiang Yao had chastised him several times for that.

He had been busy all day, so much so that his head was spinning.

He had forgotten Jiang Yao was performing on stage.

Jiang Yao would not eat with them that night because the actors would have their food at the auditorium.

He sat beside Lu Xiaoxiao, Lu Xingzhi took out his phone and dialed Jiang Yaos number, but no one answered.

She must have been agitated at the prospect of going on stage, so she did not answer his call.

“Did your sister-in-law complain to you today” Lu Xingzhi asked, holding the phone in his hand.

“Yes!” Lu Xiaoxiao nodded repeatedly.

“Sister-in-law said you always control her and not let her play in the snow! Oh, she also said you lied to her and insisted on making her, a tone-deaf person, be embarrassed on stage!” Lu Xingzhi touched the tip of his nose and then looked at Lu Yuqing.

“Sister, did you bring the camera”

“Do I dare to forget what you specifically reminded me to do” Before they left, Lu Yuqing received a call from Lu Xingzhi, reminding her to buy some films and bring the camera with them.

Lu Xingzhi nodded and checked his phone again.

He lowered his head and ate the food in his bowl as the gala performance started.

“I will go and get the camera.

Then, Ill go see Yaoyao, Mom, Dad, and Second Uncle.

You guys eat.

Then, I will ask Zhou Junmin to take you to the auditorium,” Lu Xingzhi said.

Lu Xingzhi rushed home, grabbed his camera, and then dashed back to the auditorium.

Many people had already arrived at the hall early that morning.

After he asked the other performers, Lu Xingzhi went backstage and found Jiang Yao and her group.

It was not that Jiang Yao did not answer the phone when Lu Xingzhi called her.

She was not that mad; she did not want to get a call and get angry again.

She simply did not hear the phone ring.

There were a lot of people backstage.

It was very noisy because everyone was chatting and waiting for the show to begin.

Jiang Yao was assisting members of the Arts and Crafts Regiment in putting on makeup for the children about to perform on stage.

As they looked at the children applying blusher and lipstick, she and Mrs.

Lin almost burst out laughing.

When Lu Xingzhi discovered Jiang Yao, he noticed that his wife was smiling so brightly that she resembled a flower.

He was not in a rush to get in there.

Instead, he stood at the door for a few minutes, checking to see if Jiang Yao was in a good mood before he walked in with the camera.

“Yaoyao,” Lu Xingzhi repeatedly said before Jiang Yao heard him.


Lin was the one who first noticed Lu Xingzhi; she nudged Jiang Yao and gave her a hint before Jiang Yao realized that.

She smiled at Lu Xingzhi and said, “Ah.” She only gave him a cursory response before she lowered her head and continued to apply makeup to the child.

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