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Chapter 1125: To Give Birth Or Not

“Even though there are no medical universities in Yuan City, there are medical schools there! You can transfer to the medical school and study there.

After you graduate, you can still be a nurse! If you are willing to go to Jindo City, then you can attend lectures at Jindo City Medical University!”

Before Zhou Xiaoxia could say anything, Jiang Yao said, “Dont worry about the transfer.

If you are willing to go, I can help you settle it!”

Yuan City was basically under Lu Xingzhis control.

A school transfer was not a big deal.

However, a transfer to Jindo City Medical University might need the help of Lu Xingzhis brothers.

Jiang Yao was willing to do that for Zhou Xiaoxia better.

When she heard Jiang Yaos words, Zhou Xiaoxia was surprised.

It was not that she had not thought of going to Yuan Citys medical school, but her family had no connections there.

It was almost impossible for her to transfer there.

As for Jindo City Medical University, Zhou Xiaoxia did not even consider it.

She did not get into medical school, so it was useless to rely on Jiang Yao.

“I want to go to the medical school in Yuan City.

Jiang Yao, thank you,” Zhou Xiaoxia replied without much consideration.

She knew that it would be more promising for her to go to medical school to continue her studies and look for a job after graduation than to look for a job then.

“Okay, then Ill help you with that.” Jiang Yao chatted with Zhou Xiaoxia for a while.

After she hung up the phone, she ran back to the kitchen and looked at Lu Xingzhi, who was still making dumplings.

She called out to him and said, “I need your help with something.”

“Tell me.” Lu Xingzhi took a dumpling and waved at Jiang Yao.

When she walked forward, he handed the vegetable dumpling to Jiang Yao.

“Try it.”

Jiang Yao opened her mouth and took a bite from his hand.

Before she could taste anything, she heard Lu Xingzhi ask her, “Is it raw”

Jiang Yao replied, “Yes, its raw.

Its not cooked yet.

Cook it again.”

After she said that, she saw Lu Xingzhi stood still and looked at her with a burning gaze.

She looked back at Lu Xingzhi in confusion and pushed him.

“Put it back and cook it for a while more.”

Then Lu Xingzhi moved.

He threw the dumplings that Jiang Yao had bitten back into the pot.

However, the smile on his face grew deeper.

He said in a low voice, “Yes, give birth to a son, or even a daughter.”

Jiang Yao was dumbfounded as if she had been struck by lightning.

That guy had many tricks up his sleeve; what else could she do

He asked if she wanted to give birth; was he waiting for her reply

“What did you say just now” Lu Xingzhi turned around and kissed Jiang Yao on the cheek before he asked that question.

“Help me get Zhou Xiaoxia to the medical school in Yuan City.

I believe you can do it.” Jiang Yao giggled and kissed Lu Xingzhi as she tiptoed toward him.

When he nodded with a slight smile, she left the kitchen happily.

He was not unhappy with her request.

His indulgence in her made her feel indescribably moved.

The armys party was scheduled for the third night of the New Year, and the Lu and Jiang families had specially set off for Jin City one day earlier to join the party and watch the military Arts and Crafts Regiments performance.

Of course, the Lu and Jiang families looked forward to Jiang Yaos performance on stage.

After the Lu and Jiang families arrived at the Tianjin Airport, the army sent men and cars to pick them up.

Jiang Yao stood at the barracks entrance and waited.

She was shivering because it was too cold.

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