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Chapter 1121: I Dont Agree

After he said that, Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao.

“Is Cheng Jinyan married Where did his son come from An illegitimate child A little b*stard”

After a pause, Lu Xingzhi continued to say, “He cant be Sun Xiaoshan and Cheng Jinyans illegitimate child, right”


Gu Haoyu shook his head.

“Even though the Sun family isnt wealthy, theyre still a scholarly family.

Their daughter wouldnt be able to do such a thing.

Furthermore, Sun Xiaoshan has never been in good health, so she doesnt have the conditions to have a child.”

Lu Xingzhi only used those words casually.

He knew Sun Xiaoshans situation better than anyone else.

The Sun familys information was still hidden in the corner of his office.

He was afraid that Jiang Yao would see it, so he did not bring it home.

Gu Haoyu and Luo Ruoran looked at each other tacitly and did not say anything.

They had thought it was lucky that Lu Xingzhi had not been there when they saw the boy earlier that day.

They did not expect their fears would come true.

They had left the hospital, but Lu Xingzhi still bumped into those two people in the restaurant.

They did not know how to comfort Lu Xingzhi when they saw the way he exploded.

When he saw Jiang Yao lowering her head to take a sip of water, Lu Xingzhi said, “Wife, our future son will definitely look better than that child!”

Jiang Yao was so shocked by Lu Xingzhis words that the tea almost choked her.

She coughed twice and glared at Lu Xingzhi.

She gritted her teeth and cursed at him.

“How old are you Youre almost 30 years old, not three years old! Tell me about Cheng Jinyans investigation into me.”

Jiang Yao guessed that Cheng Jinyan had paid attention to her, but she did not expect him to investigate her.

“Du Chen only gave me the news this afternoon.

He said that someone paid a lot of money to investigate the Divine Doctor, but his people rejected it.

Then, that person changed the target of the investigation to you,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“At first, he wanted to investigate the Divine Doctor, and then he wanted to investigate you.

He probably found out that youre the Divine Doctors student, so Cheng Jinyan probably investigated you to get information about the Divine Doctor.

He wanted to find him that way.”

Lu Xingzhi knew that Cheng Jinyan only wanted to look for the Divine Doctor, so he did not plan to take it to heart, nor did he plan to deal with Cheng Jinyan.

However, he was unhappy about the recent incident.

It was Cheng Jinyans fault for bringing a child who looked so much like his wife to argue with him.

“It seems that he has a relative who is seriously ill,” Jiang Yao said.

“I dont agree with that!”

Lu Xingzhi said, “Remember your identity.

You are not a quack doctor who can treat anyone.

You are my wife and also the Divine Doctors student.

You need to behave as such.”

Gu Haoyu and Luo Ruoran quietly listened to Lu Xingzhi as he tried to stop Jiang Yao and Cheng Jinyan from contacting each other.

However, it was the childs appearance that made Lu Xingzhi extremely unhappy.

Well, that was human nature.

Lu Xingzhis possessiveness toward Jiang Yao had caused them trouble.

He wished that Jiang Yaos mind was on him.

He hoped that Jiang Yaos time belonged only to him, and he wished that Jiang Yao could only live in his world.

Therefore, when he saw someone who looked so much like Jiang Yao and almost exactly like the child he had imagined, he could not think of any positive thoughts.

He was angry and unwilling.

He felt as if someone had taken his things and the things that belonged to his future child, even if they only looked alike.

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