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Chapter 1115: How Enviable

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When Gu Haoyu heard Jiang Yaos phone ring, he assumed it was Lu Xingzhi.

He took it out and discovered that it was, in fact, Lu Xingzhi.

When he picked up the phone and barely pressed the answer button, he was interrupted by a series of questions.

“Wife, why arent you back yet When are you coming back Ill pick you up.”

At that speed, Lu Xingzhi sounded so anxious that it was as if his wife had run away, and it was a series of questions to urge her to go back.

That Lu Xingzhi was very different from the usual Lu Xingzhi.

He was the polar opposite of two people.

The usual Lu Xingzhi was the cold-faced king of Hades, who did not show any mercy.

The new one seemed like a childish ghost that clung to his wife.

Gu Haoyu waited for Lu Xingzhi to finish talking before he said anything.

There was a hint of mockery in his voice.

“Jiang Yao is still busy.”

Gu Haoyu was not surprised when Lu Xingzhis tone changed.

He replied, “Why is it you Let Jiang Yao come to the phone.”

He sounded very sour.

It seemed that he was very dissatisfied that Jiang Yao had asked Gu Haoyu to answer her phone.

“Jiang Yao is still in the operating room helping that child with the surgery,” Gu Haoyu explained.

“I dont know how long it will take for her to come out.”

“Ill go to the hospital to pick her up.”

Lu Xingzhi hung up right after he finished his sentence.

He was too lazy to talk to Gu Haoyu.

Gu Haoyu did not know whether to laugh or cry when he heard the beeping sound from the phone.

Luo Ruoran, who was beside him, was not surprised.

“Third Brother is coming to pick Jiang Yao up, right”

Gu Haoyu nodded.

“He cant wait to tie his wife to his belt and watch her 24 hours a day.”

“Jiang Yao is so nice.

I would be the same.” Luo Ruoran shrugged.

“Its good that hes like this, and it doesnt seem to bother Jiang Yao.

The relationship between the two of them is so good that its enviable.”

Luo Ruoran sighed.

“The two of them have never quarreled.”

“Did Big Brother quarrel with you” Gu Haoyu took the opportunity to ask her.

No one knew the reason for Luo Ruoran and Liang Yuezes divorce.

At that time, he did not ask for a reason, and Luo Ruoran did not tell him the reason either.

She only said that it was over.

It was useless for her to want the two of them to be tied together desperately.

“No, if only he would quarrel with me.” Luo Ruoran smiled bitterly.

The truth was that she and Liang Yueze could not quarrel in private.

Even though her brothers said that Liang Yueze and Lu Xingzhi had similar personalities, only she knew that Liang Yuezes character was even duller than Lu Xingzhis.

Liang Yueze was fierce with her.

If she talked back, Liang Yueze would remain silent and not say a word, as if he had left her cold and violent.

Therefore, when Liang Yueze scolded her, she did not dare to talk back.

She was afraid of the cold atmosphere when two people would remain silent when they were together.

Luo Ruoran hated Liang Yueze sometimes; he wanted to be good to her, so good that she would always misunderstand his intention.

“Then, you and Big Brother—”

Before Gu Haoyu could finish asking Luo Ruoran, she interrupted him.

“Dont ask.

Its over anyway.

Brother Haoyu, you should wish for me to find a new partner as soon as possible.

In the future, we can only be friends.

We are only suitable to be friends.”

Luo Ruoran let out a long sigh.

“Third Brother is still the best.

Although his personality is stuffy and cold, hes like a different person when hes with Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao can show her emotions in front of him without any restraint.

If he is angry at Jiang Yao, she only needs to cry a little, and he will always compromise with her.

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