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Chapter 1113: A Common Face

Jiang Yao repeatedly nodded after hearing Luo Ruorans statements.

“I am glad I am not the only one who thinks that!”

Jiang Yao felt as if she had glimpsed herself as a child when she first saw the small boy.

Jiang Yao had no photos of when she was three or four years old.

She was still young at the time and did not seem to remember anything.

However, Jiang Yaos appearance had not changed much since she was young.

She was familiar with herself, so when Jiang Yao saw the little boy, she had a weird feeling.

It was as if she had unexpectedly seen her childhood self.

The only difference was probably her gender.

Of course, Jiang Yao was not as serious and mature as the small boy when she was younger.

Jiang Yao remembered that she was still playing mud games with her neighbors and children from the same village when she was three or four years old.

Otherwise, she would be begging her two elder brothers for meals.

Even if Jiang Yao were reborn again, she would not have the sharp observation ability of the little boy.

The child would definitely become an awe-inspiring person when he grew up.

Perhaps he would be the next Lu Xingzhi, just like when he was in the army.

His eyes were like X-rays; no one could withstand his single glance.

Luo Ruoran chuckled when she saw Jiang Yaos fear.

“Fortunately, Third Brother is not here.

Otherwise, he would most likely lose his mind if he saw that small boy.

He might even suspect that you had a child behind his back.”

“How is that possible Giving birth is not like having a meal.

It cant be solved in three to five minutes, and it will take nine months to conceive a baby.”

Jiang Yao thought that it was fortunate that she and Lu Xingzhi had just gotten married.

Otherwise, if someone saw a child that looked so much like her and another man, they might really be suspicious.

Jiang Yao reflected on how it was fortunate that she and Lu Xingzhi had just gotten married.

Otherwise, if someone saw a child who resembled her and another man, they could be suspicious.

Furthermore, the boys father also knew her.

After she thought about it for a while, Jiang Yao exclaimed again.

“Thats not right.

I heard from Huang Cheng that Cheng Jinyan is not married yet, and he doesnt have a girlfriend, so why does he have a son Cheng Jinyan had wanted to explain, but he gave up after a while.

The first time Cheng Jinyan saw me, he told me that I looked very similar to someone he knew.

Do you think that little boy is that persons child”

Jiang Yao touched her face.

“Didnt my second brother say that he also knows someone who looks very similar to me”

“Her name is Sun Xiaoshan.”

Luo Ruoran nodded.

“I saw her from afar once, at my brothers school.

At that time, I didnt know you, so I didnt have a deep impression of her.

However, it seems that the two of you are a little similar.

But that girls health isnt good.

I heard that its some kind of congenital disease.

Shes always been protected like a glass princess.”

“Well, perhaps my face is a common one, so dont be surprised if you see someone who looks like me in the crowd in the future.”

Jiang Yao sighed again, but she did not have much time to think about it before they arrived outside the operating theater.

Luo Ruoran waited for Jiang Yao outside the operating theater while Jiang Yao went inside to make preparations.

Luo Ruoran probably felt bored, so she walked around.

Jiang Yao waited in the operating theater for about half an hour before the nurse pushed the baby boy into the ward.

Knowing that there was such a surgery here, the hospitals person-in-charge also rushed over.

When they saw that Jiang Yao was the only one who had changed into a sterile gown and was about to enter the operating theater, they were stunned.

“Is she the only young lady in charge of that surgery”

The hospitals person-in-charge also rushed over after they learned about the surgery.

They were taken aback when they noticed Jiang Yao was the only one who had changed into a sterile gown and was about to enter the surgery room.

“Is she the only young lady in charge of the surgery”

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