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Chapter 1109: Not A Big Problem

However, not long after she got home, Gu Haoyu suddenly called her and told her that he and Luo Ruoran were waiting for her at the barracks entrance.

He wanted to take her to the hospital.

The hospital found out that the childs illness was related to his blood.

It was a little difficult to treat, so he wanted Jiang Yao to go over and take a look.

Jiang Yao immediately agreed.

However, before she went out, she called Lu Xingzhi and told him where she was going.

Lu Xingzhi knew that Gu Haoyu was waiting for Jiang Yao at the entrance, so he was very relieved that Jiang Yao was with Gu Haoyu.

He immediately agreed.

Jiang Yao put on her coat and backpack and rushed out of her home.

She saw Luo Ruorans car at the entrance; he must have driven to Jin City to look for Gu Haoyu.

“Sister Ruoran, Second Brother.”

Jiang Yao got into the car and greeted the two of them.

Then, she asked, “Whats the childs specific condition”

“What illness is in his blood But dont worry, its not an infectious disease.” Gu Haoyu said, “Maybe its because theyve bonded for half a day, and the couple is a little reluctant to give up on adopting the little boy, so they want to try to see if theres a way to cure it.

At their age, theyre afraid of losing the child.

They did not want to have feelings for the child, only to have him die of an illness.

That would be too painful for them.”

“If its confirmed to be a blood-related problem, then it shouldnt be a big problem for me.”

After Jiang Yao heard it, she heaved a sigh of relief.

There was a blood purification instrument in the system laboratory, and with that instrument, she could deal with that blood disease.

“Since you are quite confident, then I feel much more at ease.”

Luo Ruoran sat in the front passenger seat and looked at Jiang Yao; she said, “Why didnt you tell me what happened a few days ago If I knew that Chen Feitang and Chen Lanying were causing trouble behind your back, I would have slapped those two women to death.”

Gu Haoyu was in the drivers seat.

When he heard Luo Ruorans words, he laughed softly.

“Why Have you revealed your true nature after the divorce I havent heard you speak in such a tone for a long time.”

“Why should I pretend when Im already divorced It doesnt matter.

Anyway, I have always been like that since I was young.

Im no longer that other person; it has been quite tiring to be that person.” Luo Ruoran sighed.

“Its good to get a divorce; I no longer need to have any restraints.

I wont need to hide my true nature or fear getting despised.”

After she said that, Luo Ruoran let out a long sigh and said to Jiang Yao, “After the New Year, Third Brother will be going to Province A.

In the future, the two of you will have more time to get together.

Oh, right! When he goes to the new unit, he will be promoted to Colonel.

This is an excellent opportunity for him.”

“Ive heard him mention it before.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

Furthermore, although Lu Xingzhi would leave the Jin City army, he did not intend to give up on them.

Colonel Lin would still stay in the Jin City Army, and he had befriended Major He.

Even though Lu Xingzhi would not be in the Jin City army, he would leave many people behind.

For example, Jiang Yao did not see Lu Xingzhis previous correspondent, Jin Cailiang.

When she asked about him, she learned that Lu Xingzhi had made an exception and recommended Jin Cailiang to the Jingdo Military Academy for further training.

When he returned, he would enter the army as a real soldier.

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