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Chapter 1106: Take Away

While Lu Xingzhi was cooking in the kitchen, Jiang Yao leaned against the kitchen door and watched him.

As she thought about how her family would go to the army after the New Year, she said, “When our parents come here, they will probably stay for a night.

What should we do about their sleeping arrangements Should they sleep on the study and living room floor Do we need blankets”

“No need.

The army has a guest house.

I have already arranged for it.

When the time comes, a few rooms will be vacated,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Since you chose the curtains at home, I will take them down then and send them to our new place, which will be renovated according to that style.”

“Sure!” Jiang Yao nodded.

“What about the furniture”

“Its not easy to send large pieces.

Ask Sergeant Yang and Major Zhu about who would move in here.” Lu Xingzhi thought that he could send the curtains that Jiang Yao had chosen to their new place.

However, the renovation would not be completed that quickly.

They would need to stay in a temporary residence for a period.

They could only move in after the place was done.

The south was not like the north.

The south was humid, so he was a little afraid of moving there.

Lu Xingzhi thought he could tile the entire place.

He would not mind it, but he was worried that Jiang Yao would not be comfortable there.

The couple did not cook much, so dinner was done fairly quickly.

While they were at the dinner table, Lu Xingzhi started to talk about what had happened in the morning.

“I heard that a few military wives came to look for you this morning.” Lu Xingzhi gave Jiang Yao a mouthful of food.

“I know that you can tell their babys gender.

The army has been talking about it all morning.

No matter who comes to look for you, dont help them.”

“I know what to do.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

She would not do the things that she did not want to do.

She had told Major Hes wife and mother-in-law that Major Hes wife was expecting twins.

Fortunately, Major He was pleased when he heard that.

It was easy to tell genuine happiness from a fake one.

“Second Brother is back today.

In the morning, he went to the orphanage with his neighbor.

In the afternoon, they would take the child and another two-year-old girl to the hospital for a physical check-up.

If the childs illness can be cured, they will adopt the two children,” Lu Xingzhi said.

After a pause, he said, “The police in Jin City asked the police in their hometown to send Chen Lanying back to Jin City to serve her sentence.

Chen Lanying boarded the train back to Jin City in the morning.

She would rather serve her sentence than take care of her child.”

Jiang Yao was not surprised because Chen Lanying felt that she would only be in prison for a few months.

If she took the child, she would be carrying a burden for the rest of her life.

“Tell Second Brother to give me a call when the results of the childs examination are out.

If it is okay, I can prescribe medicine for the child that might be more useful than the medicine prescribed by the hospital.” The child was no longer with Chen Lanying and Lu Weihua, so Jiang Yao was very willing to do anything within her ability; it was as easy as lifting a finger.

At noon, when Lu Xingzhi went out, Jiang Yao went with him.

She wanted to see how the female soldiers from the Arts and Crafts Regiment would choose the children for the performance, and she also wanted to watch the children rehearse.

Of course, she wanted to see whether Mrs.

Lin had managed to persuade Xiao Wei to participate in the performance.

It was freezing outside.

So, at around 1.30 in the afternoon, any family who wanted to let their children perform on stage would bring them to the great hall for an audition.

When Jiang Yao called Mrs.

Lin, there were already many people gathered inside the hall.

The adults were excited, but the children were even more enthusiastic.

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