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Chapter 1104: More People, More Ideas

“Thats right.

Theres no rule that says university students have to know how to play the piano, do calligraphy, and paint.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Sergeant Lu.

See if he knows all of them” Mrs.

Lin said.

Jiang Yao silently lowered her head and held back her laughter.

Lu Xingzhi really did know all of them.

When he was young, he had learned to play the piano.

He was not proficient, but he should be able to play a little bit.

He was also good at drawing.

When Jiang Yao went back to her hometown, she had read his textbooks.

He had drawn a lot of things in the textbooks.

Zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting—other than Lu Xingzhis superb calligraphy and expertise, he knew a little about other skills too, though he was only a beginner.

However, she was different from Lu Xingzhi.

The Lu family was wealthy, so they paid attention to the development of their children from a young age.

Furthermore, Lu Xingzhis parents were both teachers, so they knew more about their childrens education.

However, her parents were only ordinary farmers, and they were poor.

It was already tough for them to support her studies, so she did not have the opportunity to come into contact with things like zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting.

However, Jiang Yao did not feel that she would be letting down her status as a university student if she did not know those things.

Her skills were specialized, and she studied medicine.

As long as her medical skills were superb, she would be able to live up to her parents and the schools expectations of her.

“All of you should go back home.” Mrs.

Lin began to chase them away.

“Dont think of ways to make people upset before you can get them to do your job.”

After Mrs.

Lin spoke so bluntly, those could not stay any longer.

One by one, they all left.

After the women had left, Jiang Yao turned to the female soldier and asked, “Why dont you go downstairs and ask Mrs.


“Lets go together.

More people means more ideas.” The female soldier smiled at Jiang Yao.

“We came early to arrange two programs for you.”

Jiang Yao was actually quite interested, so she agreed.

She went back to the bedroom to pack her things, put on her coat, and went downstairs with Mrs.

Lin to find Mrs.


The two female soldiers were quite curious about Jiang Yao.

Before they went there, they had heard a lot about Sergeant Lu and his wife.

They heard that Sergeant Lus wifes medical skills were also excellent, and she had even served as an emergency treatment trainer for the Jin City Army.

Therefore, they admired Jiang Yao.

When they went downstairs, the two of them asked Jiang Yao a lot of questions about medicine.

When they heard Jiang Yao say that medical students would come into contact with corpses, both of them had shocked expressions on their faces.

When the four of them arrived at Major Zhus house, Mrs.

Zhu was helping the two children with their homework.

When she heard the female soldiers words, she was pleased.

Immediately, she took out her flute and played a song for the two female soldiers.

Jiang Yaos praise of Mrs.

Zhus flute skills had been accurate.

When the two female soldiers heard it, they praised her repeatedly.


Zhu did not dare to say anything else, but she was very confident in her skills.

“My father would go to the mountains to chop some bamboo so that he would have materials to make flutes for sale.

He was the one who taught me; he is very famous in our county town for playing the flute!”

“Then Ill arrange a solo for you!”

After they decided on a program, the two female soldiers were happy.

“One more question.

Do you know anyone who can sing or do something else”

“Perhaps a program for our children That would be interesting, right” Jiang Yao was inspired when she saw Mrs.

Zhus child.

“We can teach the children to dance.

It doesnt have to be too complicated.

Just something to suit the mood.”

“Good idea!”


Lin clapped her hands in approval.

“I agree.

What do you two think”

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