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Chapter 1089: The Child Died

At that point, everyone understood what the final twist was.

Lu Xingzhi said, “In the end, she must have given birth to a daughter.”

Lu Xiaoxiao did not shake her head or nod.

She continued to speak slowly.

“Perhaps it was because she was stressed out.

The woman went into labor, but it was a difficult one.

When the old woman saw it, she immediately called for someone to take her daughter-in-law to the county hospital.

When she paid the hospital fees, she did not even blink.

She was afraid that the doctor would not treat her daughter-in-law well, so she even gave the chief surgeon a red packet.

She waited outside the delivery room for as long as her daughter-in-law stayed there.”

Everyone waited quietly for the story to continue; only then did Lu Xiaoxiaos voice begin to change.

“Brother is right; the foolish wife gave birth to a daughter.”

The three peoples expressions suddenly stiffened.

Even though they had guessed it, they still broke out in a sweat when they heard it.

“She was hoping for a grandson, but in the end, she had a granddaughter.

That old woman must have been mad with anger.” Lu Yuqing sighed.

“For someone like her, she might as well be as cold and indifferent as before the woman was pregnant.

The greater the hope, the more terrible the disappointment.”

“Yes, Sister is right.”

Lu Xiaoxiao imitated Lu Yuqings tone and sighed.

“The doctor carried the child out of the delivery room and handed her to the old woman.

When the old woman heard that it was a daughter, she grabbed the doctors arm and shouted that the doctor had swapped her grandson.

The doctor had carried her grandson away and replaced him with a girl to fool her.

She was so mad that she wanted the doctor to take her to her grandson.

Even the neighbors could not stop her.

My friends mother said that the old woman had scratched them and left several bloody marks when they tried to pull her away.”

“It was only her first child, so what if she had a girl They could have continued to try for another baby if she wanted a grandson so badly.

She believed the fortune-teller, right And the fortune-teller said that her daughter-in-law would have a son in her life.

Perhaps the second or third baby would be a son.” Jiang Yao curled her lips and replied, “Xingzhi even insisted that I give birth to a daughter.”

“Not all families are as open-minded as ours.”

Lu Yuqing smiled.

“Im a girl, and my grandparents doted on me.

Its a pity that they all died so early.

They passed away not long after Xingzhi was born.”

“My father only has one daughter.

Look how happy he is every day.” Lu Xiaoxiao did not have a tail.

If she had one, she would definitely wag it proudly.

“My dad is also open-minded.

Those people who advise my dad to marry another wife and have a son, I curse them every time I see them.”

“What happened after that”

Lu Xingzhi reached out and held Jiang Yaos hand.

He pinched her gloved hand in the palm of his hand and asked, “Didnt you say that she had a daughter What about the child Did the woman take her”


Lu Xiaoxiao shook her head and heaved a sigh.

Then, she said, “The child died.”

“Died from illness” Jiang Yao asked.

“Not really.”

Lu Xiaoxiao continued to shake her head.

“Just listen to me.

That old woman caused such a ruckus in the hospital.

Even the doctors couldnt do anything for her.

After the woman woke up in the ward, the old woman pointed at her and scolded her in front of everyone else.

She said that she was a jinx who gave birth to a little slut and wasted so many of her good things.

She even spent so much money on her.

She said that if she had known that the woman would give birth to a slut, she wouldnt have let her eat anything even if she poured all the food out!”

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