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Chapter 1088: Arent You Touched

At that point, Lu Xiaoxiao glanced at Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao and smiled mischievously.

“In any case, my friends exaggerations are just like how my brother dotes on you, Sister-in-law.

That fool doted on his wife as well.

At that time, people even laughed at that fool for marrying a wife and becoming a servant.

But that fool wasnt angry at all.

He even told the others that it was not easy for him to get his wife.

She had severed all ties with her family to marry him.

If he did not dote on her, then no one in that world would dote on her.”

That sentence was inexplicably moving.

“A man who can say such words must be someone who dotes on his wife,” Jiang Yao said.

So when she heard Lu Xiaoxiao say that, Jiang Yao felt that it was even more strange.

Then why did his wife leave Furthermore, Lu Xiaoxiao said that the idiot and his mother deserved it.

“Sister-in-law, are you especially touched when you hear that”

Lu Xiaoxiao held Jiang Yaos hand and turned back to look at Lu Yuqing.

“Sister, do you think so too To be honest, when I heard my friend say that, I also thought that that fool must have been a good man in the past.”

“What happened after that” It was Lu Xingzhis turn to urge Lu Xiaoxiao.

“Something else must have happened after that.”

“Yes, something happened after that that led to that situation.”

Lu Xiaoxiao nodded and continued to say, “That fool doted on his wife; the old woman couldnt do anything about it.

After that, she just acknowledged that her son had married a young miss.

She had a daughter-in-law who was well-educated.

In the future, her grandson wouldnt have to worry about his education.

Thats what the old woman thought, and she began to look forward to having a grandson soon.”

“The woman couldnt bear a child” Lu Yuqing suddenly interjected.

Back then, her in-laws and relatives scolded Lu Yuqing and Zhao Zhuangzong behind their backs because they did not have a child.


Lu Xiaoxiao still shook her head.

“The wife got pregnant after about two years of marriage.

Once she got pregnant, the old woman was ecstatic.

She immediately brought the wife to a fortune-teller and said that she wanted to see if her daughter-in-law could give birth to a grandson.

The fortune-teller saw the girls facial features and noted that she was destined to have a son.

The old woman was very happy.

She gave the fortune-teller a big red packet and brought her daughter-in-law home.”

Jiang Yao listened to the story quietly.

It had good pacing, so she could not think of the next turning point.

“After that, the old woman brought her daughter-in-law home, and she told everyone that she was having a baby boy.

Then, she immediately went to catch piglets, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and so on.

She wanted to raise those animals to cook them for her daughter-in-law during her confinement period.

When the woman was pregnant, the old woman wouldnt let her do anything.

She even helped to wash her clothes.

When the woman suffered from morning sickness, the old woman also made food for her.

She was afraid that the woman would lose weight if she couldnt eat.

Their chickens and ducks hadnt grown up, so they got them from their neighbor.

They had eggs, ducks, and meat once or twice a week.

They ate the best food in the whole town!”

“My friends mother said that the woman had been on edge during her pregnancy.

The more the old woman waited on her, the more worried she was.

The woman was not superstitious and never believed in fortune-telling.

But her mother-in-law believed in it and even waited on her; she was worried that she would have a baby girl.”

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