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Chapter 1074: Who Would Teach You A Lesson

There was no other reason to deal with Lu Weihua; it was purely because he hated that person.

He hated that Lu Weihua kept bringing Chen Lanying into his life.

He did not like it, and he also hated it.

That was why he gave Lu Weihua a warning.

Chen Lanying came to him to beg him not to let her go to jail.

Lu Weihuas family must have come to him because of Lu Weihuas job.

However, Lu Xingzhi did not want to let anyone go, so he could not be bothered with them.

“Lu Xingzhi! I have never offended you.

Why did you do that to me” Lu Weihua stood behind him and shouted, “My wife is about to have a child.

You have ruined my work.

How am I going to support my family in the future”

“Your wife”

Lu Xingzhi sneered, “Did your wife not give birth to a son for you a few months ago Was that not the son you left in Jin Citys orphanage”

“Chen Lanying and I already went through the divorce procedures in the afternoon!”

Lu Weihua quickly clarified.

“My wife now is Xiao Hong!”

“Lu Weihua, you are probably the only person in the entire country who received a divorce certificate and marriage certificate in a single day,” Mrs.

Lu scolded him shamelessly when she heard that.

Lu Weihuas face darkened because he did get divorced and married in the afternoon.

Chen Lanying also scolded him at the Civil Affairs Bureau for all the things he had done.

The entire civil affairs bureau looked at him as if he was scum.

The county was so small; how could he hide that Even people who did not know Lu Weihua knew that he had another woman.

It was indeed shameful to say that, but one could not help it.

Lu Weihua could only blame that hatred on Chen Lanying.

However, he did not expect to be fired when he returned to the unit after he got the marriage certificate and divorce certificate that afternoon.

Then he found out that it was because of the Lu family.

The higher-ups had to do that to honor the Lu family.

One should not underestimate the Lu brothers.

One of them was a principal in one of the schools in town, while the other was a businessman.

However, Lu Xingzhis family enjoyed a high status in the county and city, one that was higher than Lu Weihuas family.

Even though Lu Weihuas parents worked in a governmental unit, and even if his father was the director of a small unit, Lu Weihua would still lose his job if Lu Xingzhi wanted that to happen.

“Lu Xingzhi, are you avenging Chen Lanying And youre saying that you have nothing to do with her If you have nothing to do with her, why are you helping her That son might be yours and Chen Lanyings!” Lu Weihua was so angry that he did not know what to say, or perhaps he only cursed that he had long wanted to say but had not found the courage to do so.

“Did you not go to the hospital in Jindo City for a test Did the results not tell you that the child is yours” Mr.

Lu was furious when he heard that.

“Dont you know if the baby is your son Dont push the blame onto Xingzhi.

He is not a bad character, unlike you!”

It was common for Lu Xingzhis family to protect their own.

No one was allowed to speak ill of their family in front of them, not even a single word.


Lu was usually a kind and gentle man, but his stern face was enough to scare people when he was angry.

“You still dont know why I want to teach you a lesson”

Lu Xingzhi sneered, “Lu Weihua, do you have a pigs brain You slandered me, and if I dont teach you a lesson, who would do that then Just say it.

Keep talking until youre happy.

In any case, if Im unhappy, Ill take your parents jobs.”

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