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Chapter 1071: This Is The Best

Jiang Yao held the milk and drank half a cup.

She warmed herself up and placed the milk on the table.

She took the photos that their second uncle handed to her and looked at them.

In fact, from the looks of the men that their second uncle had found for Lu Yuqing, one could tell that he really loved his niece.

Every man in the photo looked upright and proper.

Even if they were not particularly handsome, they were still gentle and elegant boys.

“I think he is the best choice.” Second Uncle Lu pointed at the photo of a man in Lu Xingzhis hands and introduced him.

“That man works for the city government.

Even though his position is not high and he does not have any real power, his job is stable.

I believe he has a good temper and is very polite when interacting with others.

After graduating from university, although it was not a particularly good university, he was still a rare university student.”

No matter how Second Uncle Lu looked at the man, he was satisfied.

However, his words about how the man had a good temper and polite words turned him into a coward.

“He has a good temper and is polite when talking to anyone.

That kind of person isnt really good-tempered.

Its because he doesnt have the guts and is respectful of everyone.

He is afraid of offending people and losing his position.

At that age, he is still in that position.

That shows that the person isnt that popular in the unit.

He is also a person who isnt smart enough.” Lu Xingzhi rejected that option.

Then, he looked at the stack of photos in Jiang Yaos hands, one by one.

In the end, none of them were pleasing to his eyes.

When Lu Yuqing saw that Lu Xingzhi had returned, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Her brother would definitely belittle those men.

Lu Yuqing felt that her younger brother, Lu Xingzhi, was usually not very useful to her, but he was still very useful at that time because Lu Xingzhi probably felt that any man in that world would be wrong for her.

After all, Lu Xingzhi did not even like Huang Chengjing, so how could he like those ordinary people in the photos

“Second Uncle, I believe Xingzhi is correct.

In fact, there is no one in the world who can really do without the slightest bit of temper.

No one does not have trouble in life.

When theres trouble, theres bound to be a rage.

However, some people are good at pretending in front of outsiders.

Who knows, maybe people who pretend to be good-tempered in the workplace will go home and vent all their tempers on their family members A person like that who doesnt dare to show even the slightest bit of temper reveals that he doesnt have the slightest sincerity.

He doesnt dare to be his true self, and his social skills are very weak.

He probably treats everyone respectfully.

Its very tiring to live with such a person.”

Jiang Yao felt that those men were not as good as Huang Chengjing.

Jiang Yao had personally experienced Huang Chengjings temper.

When he blew up, he would do it hard.

However, he was a gentleman for most of the time.

That kind of gentleness seeped out of his bones.

It was related to the upbringing he had received since he was a young child.

It was not only an act.

“Sister has only been divorced for a year and a half.

She doesnt need to get married in a hurry.” Lu Xingzhi took the photographs and stuffed them back into the hands of his second uncle.

He said, “Let my sister have a good New Year at home.”

After their second uncle heard what Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao had said, he also felt that it made sense.

Lu Yuqing had already suffered because of Zhao Zhuangzong, so they did not dare to be so careless about finding a partner for Lu Yuqing.

They were afraid that something else might happen.

If Lu Yuqing were unhappy in the future, the elders would also feel heartache when they saw it.

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