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Chapter 1069: The Crime Of Abandoning A Baby

However, Chen Lanying had personally gone to the army to explain it clearly, which meant that the rumors in the army were about to disperse.

However, Jiang Yao felt extremely pleased when she heard Lu Xingzhi say that he wanted Chen Lanying to go to jail for abandoning her baby.

Even if Chen Lanying went to the army to clarify the truth, she did not go willingly but was forced to go.

She harbored malice from the start.

Plus, she had done such a disgusting act.

It was an indisputable fact that Chen Lanying had abandoned her child.

According to the law, Chen Lanying had committed the crime of abandoning her baby and should have been sent to prison.

That was the laws punishment for her.

“What about the child” Jiang Yao was concerned about the child.

With a mother like Chen Lanying, the child was the most pitiful.

“Did Chen Lanying bring the child back when she went to the army”

“No, the child was sent to the orphanage that morning.

The people from the Public Security Bureau contacted Lu Weihua and called the Lu family.

The Lu family said that the child belonged to the childs mother and had nothing to do with their family.

However, Chen Lanying refused to keep the child, so the child was sent to the orphanage,” Lu Xingzhi replied.

He and Jiang Yao also found it hard to understand why people would be so cruel to their children.

He was still looking forward to his childs arrival, while some people already had a child and still did not know how to cherish them.

Jiang Yao nodded and muttered, “Mom was right last night.

The child might be better at the orphanage than at home.”

After she said that, she sighed.

The next second, she exclaimed again, “Thats not right! If Chen Lanying doesnt bring the child home, then there wont be any lactation period.

Why wait for a few months”

“Chen Lanying has three days to think.

If she doesnt bring the child back in three days, she will spend a year in jail in Jin City.

If she does bring the child home, then she will only be in jail a few months later.” Lu Xingzhi laughed.

“I wont let her go back to the county jail.

The crimes she committed in Jin City will be served in Jin City.”

Jiang Yao understood.

Chen Lanying had no one in Jin City to rely on.

What if she looked for connections with the Chen family in the county to let her have a happy life while she was in jail

Jiang Yao wanted Chen Lanying to go to jail because she despised Chen Lanyings previous acts, and Chen Lanying had gone overboard when she abandoned her child.

Jiang Yao was also angry and sad about Chen Lanyings child.

Jiang Lei came back before dinner.

When he was back, he was full of joy.

It seemed that he had gained a lot after he went out for half a day.

The dinner with the Jiang family was very sumptuous.

Before dinner, Jiang Yao remembered that she had baked cookies in her backpack.

When she took them out to share with her family, Jiang Yao was teased by her family for a long time.

“I did not expect that I would be able to eat the cookies made by my sister in my lifetime,” Jiang Lei mumbled as he ate.

“I really did not expect that our Yaoyao could be so skillful.”

“Cant you shut your mouth while eating If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have prepared your portion, just like what Xiaoxiao said!” Jiang Yao was almost driven mad by Jiang Leis teasing.

Did that guy just beat around the bush and scold her for not being diligent enough to cook well

However, Jiang Yao really could not say anything about it when it came to cooking because Jiang Leis culinary skills were indeed better than hers.

When Jiang Jie was young, he stayed in town and only came back once a week.

When their parents were not at home, Jiang Lei would always cook for Jiang Yao.

When Jiang Lei was about 12 or 13 years old, he would often step on a small wooden stool to cook.

Then, Jiang Yao would sit in front of the stove and be in charge of the fire.

Occasionally, she would grab a handful of soybeans and roast them.

There would be snacks for the two siblings.

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