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Chapter 1060: She Doesnt Know How To Cook

Jiang Yao didnt notice Lu Yuqings gaze, but when she heard Lu Yuqings question, she raised her voice and arrogantly replied, “I know how to cook! Ive made cookies before! I learned it from my roommate, Wen Xuehui, so you cant underestimate me! After I finish breakfast, Ill cook for you! Desserts are not difficult for everyone who does not know how to cook!”

“Look at how smug you are.” Lu Yuqing clearly did not believe her.

Jiang Yao pouted unwillingly.

Then, Lu Xingzhi helped her bring out her breakfast, so she followed Lu Xingzhi to the dining table to eat breakfast.

The breakfast was porridge, and Mrs.

Lu had also cooked some dishes for Jiang Yao to heat up in the pot.

When Jiang Yao finally ate, it was always warm.

Lu Xingzhi sat next to her and watched as she sat down to eat.

As Jiang Yao ate, he focused all of his attention on the ovens instruction booklet.

He raised his hand and patted Jiang Yao on the head.

“Enjoy your meal in peace.”

When he did that, Jiang Yao glared at Lu Xingzhi fiercely.

“Youve been hitting me all the time recently!”

Lu Xingzhi placed his palm on Jiang Yaos head and patted it.

He asked, “Have I”

Was there anything that he did not know That guy must have gotten used to hitting her, right

When Mrs.

Lu noticed this, she immediately summoned Lu Xingzhi.

“Do you still need to watch your wife eat Come over and help bring the items to the kitchen.”

Only then did Lu Xingzhi stand up and walk away.

When Lu Xingzhi carried the things into the kitchen, Mrs.

Lu followed him.

Then, she lowered her voice and said, “Did you hit your wife”

“No.” Lu Xingzhi denied it without hesitation.

“Do you think your mother is blind” Mrs.

Lu laughed at me.

“Just hit her.

What will you do if she does not talk to you again”

Lu Xingzhi chuckled.

“She wont.”


Lu did not say anything else because Lu Xingzhi was so assured.

They would, after all, have to cope with their own problems.

She was old, and she could not comprehend how young people got along at times.

Jiang Yao immediately took the bowl to the kitchen after eating because she was thinking about the oven.

Lu Xingzhi was cleaning the oven in the kitchen.

He turned around when he saw her go in and removed the dish and chopsticks from her hands to wash them.

“The oven is clean.

See how you want to go about it.

I will help you out on the side.”

“Oh…” Jiang Yao stood behind Lu Xingzhi and tiptoed to look at the things on the stove.

“Wheat flour, milk, sugar, and cream!”

Lu Xingzhi turned to face Jiang Yao, who was trying to tiptoe around him because he blocked her path.

He smiled as the edges of his lips curved.

“Come to the front, Shorty.

In the future, I hope our daughter will be like me and not like you.”


Lu happened to hear Lu Xingzhis words when she entered the kitchen.

When she heard that, she immediately burst into laughter.

“You will cry if your daughter is like you in the future!”


Lu then took the mold in her hand and stated, “Your daughter should remain as good and delicate as Yaoyao.

Her height is also considered unusually tall among southern girls.”

The southern girls average height was less than 1.6 meters.

Jiang Yao, on the other hand, stood 1.65 meters tall.

That was considered an excellent height among southern girls.

“Then she is exactly like me.” Lu Xingzhis attitude shifted without him taking a stand.

He was still very pleased with himself.

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