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Chapter 1059: Dont Talk Nonsense

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Jiang Yao laid in bed for a while before Lu Xingzhi entered through the door.

It was probably a spring breeze that night, so he looked handsome when he walked into the room.

“Are you awake” Lu Xingzhi reasoned that Jiang Yao should be awake by then and went upstairs to check.

He laughed out loud and walked over when he noticed she had glanced at him, turned her back on him, and buried her head in the quilt.

“We are now a married couple.

Why are you still so reserved” Lu Xingzhi taunted Jiang Yao and patted her head on the blanket.

“After you have washed up, go downstairs and eat some breakfast.”

When he noticed Jiang Yao did not move, he stretched out to pull the cover.

Then, Jiang Yao rose to her feet.

Her voice was a little hoarse since she had been bored for a long time.

“Do we have a guest I thought I heard Xiaoxiaos voice when you came in.”

“It is my second uncle, as well as Xiaoxiao.

Second Uncle brought an imported oven.

Mom is thinking about how to use it,” Lu Xingzhi explained.

Jiang Yao felt energized right away.

“We can bake cakes and biscuits!”

Lu Xingzhi could tell by Jiang Yaos appearance what she was thinking.

“Do you have any cooking skills Or do you only know how to eat and not cook”

Jiang Yao dashed into the bathroom to wash her hands and feet before swiftly changing into her clothing.

While he waited on the side, Lu Xingzhi heard her say, “When I was in the dorms, I learned how to cook from Xue Hui and ate the cookies she baked.

They are delicious! Did Second Uncle bring things that we need for baking”

“A large box.

There seems to be flour, butter, and other things.

Go down and look at them.” Lu Xingzhis voice was muffled, yet he smiled.

She seemed interested in an oven for someone who did not know how to cook.

It was difficult for Lu Xingzhi to imagine what kind of cake and cookies Jiang Yao might make.

He simply did not have the heart to hurt Jiang Yao when he saw her pleased and excited expression.

Even though she was at home, Jiang Yao left the room in a turtleneck sweater and a scarf.

It was all thanks to Lu Xingzhi.

He spent the entire night as a wolf the previous night.


Lu and Lu Yuqing were in the living room; they were learning how to use the oven.


Lu switched some of her focus to Jiang Yao when she noticed Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi were downstairs.

“Breakfast is in the kitchen.

Go get some food.

Do not eat too much, or you will not be able to finish your lunch.”

“All right,” Jiang Yao said as she went to Mrs.

Lu and Lu Yuqing.

Lu Xingzhi kissed her on the cheek and proceeded to the kitchen to get her breakfast.

Lu Xiaoxiao grabbed Jiang Yaos scarf as soon as she saw her.

“Are you cold at home”

Jiang Yao shielded her scarf nervously and concealed half of her head behind it.

Her hair was still untidy.

“It is bright pink.

You know that Big Brother had bought it just by looking at it.” Lu Xiaoxiao made a joke.

“Sister-in-law, do you know how to bake a cake” she inquired, pointing to the oven on the ground.

“She probably eats like you and has no idea how to create a cake,” Lu Yuqing replied, smiling.

Her eyes traveled around Jiang Yaos scarf-wrapped neck, and when Lu Xiaoxiao tugged on Jiang Yaos scarf, she spotted a small red circle that resembled a hickey.

No one heard what Lu Xingzhi and his wife did the previous night because every room in the Lu family was well-insulated.

Lu Yuqing, who lived in the adjacent room, was completely unaware.

Lu Yuqing, however, did not tease Jiang Yao because there were other people nearby.

Those minor disagreements between husband and wife were entirely typical.

It also proved that the couples relationship was perfect.

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