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Chapter 1047: Hold You A Little Longer

Lu Xingzhi thought that the time he spent with her was too short, so he wanted to seize every second to make the best use of it.

“Hold on a little longer.

Otherwise, youll have to wait for two days before we can hold each other again.” Lu Xingzhi raised his hand and patted Jiang Yaos head before he stroked her hair as he smiled.

Jiang Yaos hair was incredibly soft.

It was also very thick, so it was very comfortable to touch.

Lu Xingzhis movements were very light; it was like a massage.

“You were very young at that time.

Even though I liked you, I never thought of marrying you.” Lu Xingzhi sighed softly as if he was regretting it.

“Back then, when mom asked me to marry a wife, my first reaction was that it would be great if I could marry you.

But at that time, you were still young.

I felt terrible for having that thought.

Since I couldnt marry you, I thought it didnt matter who I married.

Mom thought that Chen Lanying was a good candidate, and I thought that she liked her.

Even if they would not have a relationship in the future, I would just have to deal with it.”

Therefore, Lu Xingzhi did not care about his engagement with Chen Lanying.

He did not go back even though he was engaged.

Lu Xingzhi did not only have to go on missions, but he also wanted Chen Lanying to know what kind of husband he would be and the future she would have to face.

If Chen Lanying regretted it and refused to get engaged, then he would not say anything.

However, after he married Jiang Yao, he thought differently.

He no longer wanted his wife to stay at home to care for his parents or how good it would be if his mother and wife did not have a relationship.

He wanted Jiang Yao to live with him; he wanted to take care of her and see her every day.

When they got married, he had wanted Jiang Yao to go to a school in Jindo City, but he gave up on that thought after he saw her attitude.

After they got married, he returned to the army.

Jiang Yao was far away in his hometown, so he wished he could call home every day and listen to her voice.

She did not want to answer the phone, so he settled for the second-best; he wanted to know what she did every day.

Lu Xingzhi did not dare to imagine Jiang Yao would allow him to hug her quietly in only a year.

She would stay in his arms quietly, and she would smile warmly at him.

She would also act coquettishly with him and play tricks on him.

Jiang Yao listened to Lu Xingzhis explanation quietly.

After he finished, she nodded gently in his arms.

“I know.

You dont have to explain.

The past is in the past.

I was just joking with you just now.

Just like what Zhou Weiqi said, even if youre second-hand, youre still the best second-hand.

I dont care.”

After she said that, Jiang Yao withdrew from Lu Xingzhis arms and went to bed.

Then, she waved her petite hand at Lu Xingzhi.

“You have to leave early tomorrow morning.

Rest early.”

Lu Xingzhi suppressed the smile on his face.

He removed his clothes down to his underwear and laid down beside Jiang Yao.

Since they were at Zhou Weiqis place and it was very late, Lu Xingzhi hugged Jiang Yao and fell asleep.

They did not do anything that night.

As long as she was with Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao would not use the medical system.

She slept very soundly that night.

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