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Nanjiang Medical University focused on its medical division but it was not the only major faculty in the university.

The faculty of liberal arts here was also famous in the southern region.

From the quick glimpse of Jiang Yaos gentle outlook, Wen Xuehui presumed that Jiang Yao was probably admitted to the liberal arts faculty.

“Same as you.” Jiang Yao pointed to the book retrieved from Wen Xuehuis bag and chuckled.

“I guess youre also a medical student.”

“Youre so brilliant!” Wen Xuehui exclaimed.

Then, she scratched her head awkwardly and thought to herself,Phew, its fortunate I didnt say out loud that she is a liberal arts student.

It would be so awkward.

Furthermore, Wen Xuehui discovered that Jiang Yao was very sharp and observant.

She had simply taken the book out of her bag and placed it on the desk casually, and Jiang Yao had never touched it, but she noticed it and even knew of its contents.

Jiang Yao accepted Wen Xuehuis compliment with a wide smile.

These scenes were the same as her previous life.

The same luggage, the same outfit—the only different element was their conversation.

This time, she took the initiative to approach Wen Xuehui and made her first friend in the university.

Before her rebirth, as Jiang Yao recalled, she wasnt as chatty and outgoing as she was now due to the pressure and trouble she suffered silently in her mind.

It would be appropriate to describe her like Lu Xingzhi.

She was a reserved and unsociable person who preferred to keep everything to herself.

It was the same when she was immersed in the new environment in college.

In her previous life, it took her days to exchange simple pleasantries with Wen Xuehui on the upper bunk after she lived in the dormitory.

Later, it was Wen Xuehui who took the lead to walk into her life and became friends with her.

As she thought about her own changes, she couldnt help but think of Lu Xingzhi too.

Before her rebirth, due to his forceful intervention into her life, she had transformed from a happy-go-lucky girl to an aloof and quiet woman.

After her rebirth, she also returned to her normal self because of him.

“I need to head out for a moment, Ill come back soon.

Wait for me for half an hour or so, lets go for dinner together tonight.

If the other roommates come back, please inform them, okay It is fate that were sharing the same dorm, we can get to know each other over dinner tonight.” Wen Xuehui unpacked her stuff very quickly since she didnt bring many items.

She turned to look at the other two occupied beds.

She didnt know who they were nor when they would arrive.

“Alright,” Jiang Yao said, “Ill let them know when they return.”

Wen Xuehui smiled back at her and left the room.

Jiang Yao chuckled when she watched her pacing hastily.

She was still as impatient as usual.

The dormitory was a spacious six-person room with three bunk beds and six desks.

There was still a large vacant space in the room.

If what had happened in her previous life would be replayed exactly as it had been in this life, the remaining two roommates would arrive at around 7 or 8 pm.

Both of them were from the same town, which was far away from Nanjiang City.

The other two roommates would return to the dorm after dinner with their families.

The washroom was located on the left side of the balcony in the dorm.

Jiang Yao went in to wash her hands and when she came back to the room, she saw a cloud-like fluffy thing lying on her bed, with its four paws hugging its belly and rolling on her bed leisurely.

“I know you!” Jiang Yao shrieked in surprise.

She dashed over and poked the little things belly excitedly.

“You can talk! It was you who rescued me in the woods that day!”

“Good for you, you still remember me!”

Jiang Yao laughed delightedly when she heard the familiar tone.

“What are you How did you get here I didnt know there was a talking cat in this world.”

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