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Chapter 1039: To Disgust You

Lu Xingzhi sneered, “You sure know how to time it correctly.

The army just posted the announcement of my promotion to a captain today, and at the same time, they received these reports.

Chen Feitang, why would you do that Do you want to use such a method to suppress me”

The method was too childish.

If he could be suppressed by such a small method, he would not have achieved everything he did.

Many people had wanted to see Lu Xingzhi fail in various military regions.

However, it had been many years, and no one had managed to do that.

“Chen Feitang, these methods of yours cant suppress me, but they are enough to disgust other people.” Lu Xingzhi snorted.

When Chen Shanjin heard that, he could not believe that Chen Feitang would do such a thing.

He turned his head to look at Chen Feitang, who was standing at the door of the bedroom, and roared, “Feitang, did you tell Wang Quansheng to report Lu Xingzhi”

Chen Feitang did not seem to hear her fathers question.

Instead, she looked at Lu Xingzhi and smiled self-deprecatingly.

“Suppress you If I can suppress you with that kind of method, then I am an idiot.

Youre right; I just want to disgust you.

Look, I succeeded, did not I Lu Xingzhi, Ive liked you for so many years.

Its fine that youre cold toward me, but how can you be so cruel to me I hate Jiang Yao, but I hate you even more!

“I heard that Jiang Yao is going to divorce you.

She went back to her hometown early this morning.

How does it feel to have your heart trampled by someone You love Jiang Yao so much, but when you encounter difficulties, shell divorce you as she pleases.

She wont even bother with you and stomps on your love for her with her feet.

When you were still working hard to fix things, she threw your marriage away like it was nothing.

Does it hurt, Lu Xingzhi”

Chen Feitang walked toward Lu Xingzhi.

“That is how I felt back then.

It was heart-wrenching and painful.

Lu Xingzhi, Im in pain.

What right do you and Jiang Yao have to be happy Even if the army finally found out the truth and Jiang Yao did not divorce you, can you still erase the disappointment you felt toward her I did not expect that such a small difficulty would make Jiang Yao ask for a divorce from you.

That is an unexpected gain for me.”

She had only wanted to disgust Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao.

She did not think that she could suppress Lu Xingzhi over such a small matter.

She also knew that it was impossible for her to defeat Lu Xingzhi.

It was like how she had the Chen family behind her; Lu Xingzhi also had the Liang family behind him and his sworn brothers families.

Chen Feitang did not want Lu Xingzhi to hinder her future.

She only wanted to disgust the two of them.

Did she not live in torment after she returned from the south

Her comrades and other people ridiculed her behind her back.

The Chen family had shifted the blame for the fire onto Chen Feibai, but how many people did not know that she had done that

Lu Xingzhi had eliminated her, and the other female soldiers had shunned her in the selection process.

They made her a joke in the military.

She could still catch other people laughing and talking about her behind her back.

Sometimes, she even heard the same thing in her dreams.

She met one man after another numbly; she could not see love in them.

She was like an object to be weighed and used.

The only difference was that she was a valuable object.

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