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Chapter 1038: Only The Dead Cant Wake Up

Lu Xingzhi changed his clothes and said a few words to Colonel Lin before he left in his army vehicle.

He drove straight to Jindo City.

By the time he reached there, it was already 10:30 at night.

The Chen familys mansion was in a courtyard.

Lu Xingzhis face was the only pass he needed to go to the courtyard.

The guards on duty thought Lu Xingzhi was there to look for the Liang family; they even greeted him.

However, Lu Xingzhi went straight to Chen Shanjins house.

Lu Xingzhis attitude was not good.

He stood outside the door and knocked loudly; he had woken up everyone in the Chen family who had gone to the bedroom to rest.

The servant jogged toward the door and opened it.


Lu!” The servant knew Lu Xingzhi.

When she opened the door and saw that it was him, she immediately swallowed the curse words she had wanted to shout.

However, she muttered them in her heart.

She had never seen anyone knock on the door so rudely.

Lu Xingzhi walked into the house and stood in the middle of the living room.

He glanced at Chen Shanjin, who was looking at him from the stairs, and said coldly, “Tell Chen Feitang to come down here.”

Lu Xingzhi had checked while he was on his way there.

Chen Feitang had returned home that night, so she must have been at home.

“Shes asleep.” Chen Shanjin frowned when he saw Lu Xingzhis expression.

He had known Lu Xingzhi for a long time.

Even though Lu Xingzhi was usually cold and indifferent, he would not be so arrogant as to barge into other peoples homes like that.

When he saw Lu Xingzhis expression, Chen Shanjins first reaction was anger, but he thought Chen Feitang might have done something to provoke Lu Xingzhi.

As a father, Chen Shanjin knew his daughter all too well.

During that period, the Chen family had been forcing her to get married.

Chen Feitang had not been happy for a single day.

“You can wake her up if shes sleeping, but you cant wake a dead person.” Lu Xingzhi stood there with his hands in his pockets.

“Uncle Chen, I did not come all the way from the army to hear that shes asleep.

Shes been messing with my life behind my back, but shes still sleeping soundly.

If she doesnt come down, then fine, Ill go and invite Old Master Chen here.

Just as Chen Shanjin was hesitating, Chen Feitang opened her bedroom door and came down the stairs.

She was in pajamas and a thick coat.

She was not surprised to see Lu Xingzhi, but she felt delighted to see him so furious.

“Its good that you are here.” Lu Xingzhi looked at Chen Feitang with a cold gaze.

“You ordered Wang Quansheng to write that report.

I dont know whether you are declaring war on me personally, or if your family knows about this.

I need to know in advance so that I can decide whether to deal with the entire Chen family or you alone.”

“What report” Chen Shanjins heart skipped a beat when he heard that.

He was more concerned about Lu Xingzhis wording.

Declare a war What war Were the Chen family and Lu Xingzhi not always on the same side

“Wang Quansheng wrote a report about how I have a terrible lifestyle.

He requested the army to investigate and punish my marriage with my wife.

He also mentioned that I had an illegitimate child with another woman,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Uncle Chen, your family sent Wang Quansheng to the Jin City army.

Therefore, dont ask if there is any evidence to prove that Chen Feitang had ordered Wang Quansheng to do this.

Chen Feitang is well aware of this matter.

I dont even need to give you any evidence.

But Im just asking you.

Is this Chen Feitangs doing, or was the whole Chen family in on it”

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