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Chapter 1037: The Chen Family

The news about Jiang Yao wanting to divorce Lu Xingzhi and how the man had abandoned a woman who had given birth to his son spread like wildfire.

Some had begun to curse those who spread the rumor openly and discreetly.

Some also thought that Jiang Yao deliberately made a scene out of embarrassment.

Some even believed that Jiang Yao left because she felt too ashamed.

After the evening training, Zhou Junmin ran to look for Lu Xingzhi.

After he entered the house, Zhou Junmin looked around the room; he did not see Jiang Yao, indeed.

He exclaimed, “Sister-in-law has left”

“Otherwise, how could it be fake” Lu Xingzhi threw a pair of slippers toward Zhou Junmin and then pointed at the shoe rack at the door.

“Take your boots with you when you go back later, and next time, bring the slippers with you.”

“Sergeant Lu, its just a pair of slippers.

Do you have to do this” Zhou Junmin changed into the slippers and stepped through the door.

“My wife bought it.

Why should I let you keep it” Lu Xingzhi stood there and sneered before he went to pour tea for Zhou Junmin.

Zhou Junmin touched the tip of his nose, then sat down on the sofa.

The soft leather on the couch was very comfortable.

He sighed softly and waited for Lu Xingzhi to boil the tea and join him.

After he took the teacup, he said, “I saw the two reports.”

“One has a byline, and the other has no byline.” Zhou Junmin cursed.

“The one with byline was written by Wang Quansheng! If I didnt see the handwriting on the letter and his name, I wouldnt have believed it.”

“Wang Quansheng…” Lu Xingzhi repeated that persons name in a low voice.

“He joined the army at the same time as Chen Feibai.

Hes from the Chen family.”

“From the Chen Family” Zhou Junmin was dumbfounded.

“The Chen family reported you Was the guy hit in the head”

The Chen family and the Liang family were old friends.

Old Master Chen and Old Master Liang were sworn brothers.

Lu Xingzhi was from the Liang family.

If the Chen family reported Lu Xingzhi, it would be no different than an internal conflict.

Therefore, how could Zhou Junmin not be surprised

“Did the Chen family want to betray us” Zhou Junmin asked.

“Maybe its because of Chen Feitangs incident, and the Chen family is holding a grudge against us, and they want to betray us”

“If you were Old Master Chen, would you betray us” Lu Xingzhi gave Zhou Junmin a look that told him he was an idiot.

Then, he took the cup from Zhou Junmins hand and said, “What are the characteristics of the other report letter”

“Yes, the handwriting is particularly clumsy, as if a child wrote it.

Every stroke is especially heavy and careful.

The report letter is very short, only less than 300 words.

There are several typos.

For example, Sister-in-laws name is wrong,” Zhou Junmin said.

“This person doesnt seem knowledgeable, but our soldiers are at least primary school graduates.

They should know basic words.

So I guess it was written by a female family member who doesnt know much.”

“I got it.

Ill go to Jindo City tonight.” Lu Xingzhi reached out to take the teacup in Zhou Junmins hand and began to chase him away.

“Take your shoes and go back to your dormitory.”

“This is what I got after I helped you!” Zhou Junmin was so angry that he stomped his feet.

“If theres a next time, I wont help you peek at any report.”

“If I want to look at it myself, do you really think I wont be able to see it” Lu Xingzhi did not care at all.

He spoke nonchalantly before he grabbed Zhou Junmins collar and dragged him out of the door.

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