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Chapter 1029: Why Did She Say Divorce

“What happened to her” Lu Xingzhi did not know that Jiang Yao had been questioned next door.

When he heard Commissar Wang mention Jiang Yao, he frowned and said with displeasure in his voice, “What did you ask her”

“It was only a routine question, but your wife has a fierce temper.

After two sentences, she cried and even said that she wanted to go back to her hometown…” Commissar Wang sighed.

“If she asks you about the divorce, you should also persuade her.

The army would never do that to slander people.”

When he heard the word divorce, Lu Xingzhis heart trembled.

He did not care that the chief was here; he turned around and left hurriedly.

Commissar Wang sighed when Lu Xingzhi left; he wanted to chase after him.

Before he could say anything, the chief called him back into the room.

He looked at the chief helplessly.

“Their tempers proved that they are from the same family.”

However, the chief chuckled.

“If she doesnt have a strong temper, how could she subdue Lu Xingzhi, the tyrant”

It was obvious that the chief was not angry when Lu Xingzhi left so suddenly.

“I do admire Jiang Yao.

Even though its good for a woman to be gentle, its not good to be too passive.

We are soldiers.

Our wives should not be submissive; they have to be independent and strong.”

The chief was not surprised that Commissar Wang did not get any good treatment from Lu Xingzhis wife.

He knew that she was not weak or vulnerable the way she dealt with the military doctor in the auditorium.

He thought that she meant well; if she had good intentions, then it would be fine.

Commissar Wang decided not to worry when he realized that the chief was not anxious about it at all.

The chief must be 80% sure of the matter, and he must know how to solve it.

He said, “After this matter is over, we should hold a political and ideological lesson for the military families in the region.”

“Yes, that is necessary.” The chief nodded and let Commissar Wang handle that matter.

After Jiang Yao ran out of Commissar Wangs office, she wiped the tears from her face.

How could she still look as pitiful as she did in the office just now

She did not let Commissar Wang catch up to her on purpose; she had run very fast.

She only stopped after she was far enough.

Even though she had wiped her tears, there were still many people there.

She did not show too many expressions on her face.

Instead, she lowered her eyes and appeared unhappy.

She had to put on a whole show and let everyone see how aggrieved she felt, so she was not in a hurry to go home.

So, instead, she walked very slowly.

Lu Xingzhi was fast in his pursuit.

In a few minutes, he saw Jiang Yaos figure.


Lu Xingzhi quickened his pace when he saw Jiang Yao.

Then, he pulled her toward him.

When he saw the unhappiness on her face, he felt sorry for her.

“Im sorry.”

Jiang Yao did not expect Lu Xingzhi to chase after her.

She could not react in time and stood there as he apologized.

“Yaoyao, what did Commissar Wang say to you just now Why did you say that you wanted to—” Lu Xingzhi ignored the other passersby and grabbed Jiang Yaos wrists tightly with both hands.

He was afraid; he did not know what to do.

He saw Jiang Yaos pained expression, so he loosened his grip a little.

However, he still did not let go of Jiang Yao.

“Why did you say that you want to go back to your hometown Why did you say that you want a divorce You want to divorce me”

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