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“Im here to study, not for vacation.

Look at what youve done for me, its already better than the others.” Jiang Yao pointed to the other two beds that had been made.

If it wasnt for Lu Xingzhi, she would have made the bed simply as long as she could sleep in it.

“Youre different,” Lu Xingzhi said with a gentle smile.

He wished to give Jiang Yao the best in the world, so he wouldnt allow his woman to live in a destitute environment.

As for others, they had nothing to do with him whether they slept on a plank or on the floor.

“Since youve helped me put everything up, go and wash your face, Ill send you to the airport and then take a taxi back,” Jiang Yao said as she passed a handkerchief to Lu Xingzhi.

There was no air conditioning in the dormitory, only a fan, so Lu Xingzhi was sweating like a dog.

“No, you stay here, I can go to the airport by myself,” Lu Xingzhi shook his head, refusing her offer.

“This is not the county or our city, youre not familiar with this place yet.

Its better for you not to wander around for the time being.”

Jiang Yao pursed her lips and thought,Well, how do I tell him that I know every street and alley in the Nanjiang City

Since Lu Xingzhi seemed determined that he didnt want her to see him off, Jiang Yao nodded eventually, compromising to his request.

“Memorize my phone number.

Call me if theres an emergency.” Lu Xingzhi took the pen and wrote his phone number on Jiang Yaos notebook.

Then, he paused for a short moment and added, “You can also call me at any time even when theres no emergency.

Ill pick up when Im available, I can talk for a while even if Im not free.”

Jiang Yao lifted the notebook and glanced at the row of numbers.

She had a pretty impressive memory, she could memorize the string of numbers after reading it several times.

She was aware that Lu Xingzhi had brought a mobile phone with him when he came back this time.

She had also seen Lu Xingzhi answering calls on several occasions.

Mobile phones were considered luxury items exclusively for the rich in this era.

However, it was within the affordable price range for the Lu family, so Jiang Yao never did ask Lu Xingzhi about his sudden purchase of a mobile phone.

Lu Xingzhi looked at his watch.

It was about time for him to catch the plane at the airport.

“I should get going,” he raised to his feet and said.

When Jiang Yao wanted to see him out, he stopped her and uttered, “Its hot outside, you stay here.

Dont go down, Ill go on my own.”

He walked towards Jiang Yao and reached out to hold her hand.

Jiang Yao showed a sulky expression.

She was unhappy.

Lu Xingzhi gently stroked her head, he could feel her sadness of seeing him go.

He shared the same feeling.

“Ill get someone to send to you the ticket for the National Day holiday in advance.

You must come.” Although Jiang Yao had given her promise, Lu Xingzhi couldnt help but confirm it again before he left.

He heaved a sigh of relief and smiled when Jiang Yao nodded.

“Its just a month and a few days more, well meet again soon.”

At that, he let go of Jiang Yaos hand, but he couldnt move his legs.

Instinctively, he knew that he had to go, but his legs were very heavy and reluctant to move.

“You should really go now.

Otherwise, youll miss the plane,” Jiang Yao urged.

“Ill visit you during the holidays.”

Lu Xingzhi inched slightly, but he retracted his legs again.

He locked his gaze at Jiang Yao and sighed a few seconds later.

“Im starting to regret letting you come here.” If she were in Jindo, why a month He would be seeing her on weekends.

Before Jiang Yao could speak, he bowed his head and kissed her.

His kiss was gentle and even a little discreet.

The kiss felt like the soothing spring breeze that quenched the drought in the heart and soul.

He didnt want to rush it because it might backfire if he was overly intense.

It might upset her and he wouldnt be able to coax her after he left.

Subsequently, she might not want to see him on National Day.

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