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Chapter 1015: I Accept It

In the end, Jiang Yao even bought two sets of super cute clothes for the child.

She carried the large bag of things and returned to the car.

After they returned to the car, Lu Xingzhi waited for Jiang Yao to put the things in the back seat before he handed the child to her.

The child was hungry, so Jiang Yao asked for hot water from the shop to wash the milk bottle.

After she rinsed the milk bottle with warm water, she had asked the shop owner to help change the diapers for the child.

Lu Xingzhi glanced at Jiang Yao, who was feeding the baby before he started the car.

Then, he whispered, “That pink bottle is pretty.

Do you want to buy it for our daughter in the future”

“Which pink one” Jiang Yaos attention was on the baby who was struggling to drink the milk.

“The bottle is pink with cherry blossoms on it.

The owner said its imported from abroad.

The quality is excellent,” Lu Xingzhi answered.

He hesitated and did not start the car immediately; it was as if he wanted to get out of the vehicle.

“No,” Jiang Yao rejected him directly.

“Its not nice! I dont like it!”

“Just because you dont like it doesnt mean our daughter wont like it.

I think its nice!” Lu Xingzhi opened the car door after he said that.

“Wait for me in the car.

Ill be two minutes.”

He had utterly disregarded Jiang Yaos opinion; Lu Xingzhi ran back and bought the bottle he liked.

When he came back, there was not only an extra bottle in his hand; he also had a baby doll in a pink lace dress.

When he returned to the car, the smile on his face was even more beautiful.

After he had bought all that he wanted, Lu Xingzhi was clearly in a good mood when he started the car again.

Jiang Yao glanced at the pink baby bottle and the doll he had placed on the side a few times, but she still felt disgusted.

“Why do you like pink so much” Jiang Yao asked.

“I saw you wearing a pink dress before we got married.

It looked very nice,” Lu Xingzhi replied matter-of-factly.

A pink dress

Jiang Yao facepalmed.

In her memory, she had only worn a pink dress a few times before she got married.

There was only one pink dress at home, and it was the most expensive dress that Jiang Lei had bought for her as a birthday present after he got his salary and spent a lot of money on her.

Jiang Lei said that when he first saw this dress, he felt that it was suitable for her, so he gritted his teeth and bought it.

Even though it was a thoughtful gift from Jiang Lei, Jiang Yao did not like pink, so she seldom wore the dress.

After she got married, she also left that dress at her parents home and did not bring it to the Lu family.

It was probably still hidden in the closet.

She only wore it a few times.

She did not expect that Lu Xingzhi would see or remember it.

The guy actually thought that she looked outstanding in it, just like Jiang Lei did.

Those two peoples aesthetic standards were the same; they were probably men with a pink princess in their heart.

“Who knows if Ill have a son or a daughter in the future If you buy these pink things now, wouldnt it be a waste if I dont use them when I have a son” Jiang Yao chuckled.

“Dont think that I dont know that the pink scarf, hat, and gloves that Im wearing are hidden in the closet! Theyre all for little girls!”

Lu Xingzhi, however, was not worried at all.

Instead, he answered leisurely, “If I get a daughter after youve had many children, then Ill accept it!”

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