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Chapter 101: First Day at College

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Jiang Yao had spent more than three years in Nanjiang City in her previous life, so she was more familiar with the nooks and crannies in the city than Lu Xingzhi.

However, right now, she preferred watching Lu Xingzhi from behind as he held her hand and walked.

All she had to do was to follow him closely and Lu Xingzhi would handle everything.

Unlike the stereotypical assumption that men didnt ask directions, Lu Xingzhi, although taciturn on regular days, would still ask passersby when he didnt know the way.

After getting the directions, he would then politely thank the person in a flat tone and leave with Jiang Yao.

Incredibly, Lu Xingzhi found the most famous century-old eatery near the train station by using this method.

Despite being in the middle of the late afternoon, the eatery was crowded with diners.

After they took a seat and ordered their food, Jiang Yao looked around curiously while asking Lu Xingzhi, “What time is your flight to Jin City”

“6 pm,” Lu Xingzhi replied.

“Ill send you to your college after the meal, then its right about time to go to the airport.”

Jiang Yao glanced at her watch after his reply and calculated the time in her mind.

She had less than two hours to be with Lu Xingzhi.

After the hearty meal, they took a taxi to Nanjiang Medical School.

They settled the admission registration process and went to the girls dormitory.

Jiang Yao was assigned to the dorm room on the fourth floor closest to the staircase.

Men were allowed in the girls dormitory during the college open days.

Most of the freshmen came with their families while Jiang Yaos case was quite uncommon, where she only had one young man with her.

Moreover, they were both attractive that enticing a lot of curious glances along the way.

As soon as they arrived and entered her room, Jiang Yao chose the lower bunk closest to the corridor.

The other two lower bunk beds were obviously occupied as there were things on them.

If things went exactly as it was before her rebirth, the person taking up the upper bunk bed above her would be Wen Xuehui, her best friend in her previous life.

After putting the luggage on the bed, Lu Xingzhi took Jiang Yao to the convenience store in the college to buy some daily necessities and they returned to the dorm.

Then, Lu Xingzhi tossed a bottle of water to Jiang Yao and asked her to sit still while he swiftly made Jiang Yaos bed and unpacked her luggage.

Watching Lu Xingzhi as he spruced up her things, a sudden impression struck Jiang Yaos mind.

It seemed that Lu Xingzhi looked after her as if he was taking care of his daughter.

“Done!” Lu Xingzhi dusted his hands and exclaimed.

He then grabbed the bottle in Jiang Yaos hands and finished it in one go.

Apparently, he was very thirsty after being busy for more than an hour.

While he was tidying up Jiang Yaos things, he didnt want to take a sip of water in case he would forget something important when he turned his head.

Lu Xingzhi had bought her a mattress topper because the dorms bed was very firm.

He sat down to feel the softness yet he tilted his head in dissatisfaction.

He looked up at Jiang Yao and said, “Its not as soft as the bed at home, but youll have to make do with it.”

If Jiang Yao was in Jindo, he could simply buy a house close to the college for Jiang Yao to live in.

He would make the best arrangements for her to live comfortably and at ease.

However, they were in Nanjiang City and not Jindo.

Hence, although he could afford a house, he was concerned about Jiang Yao staying alone.

It would be safer for her to stay in the dorm despite its lack of comfort and facilities.

In addition, his concern was justifiable.

This was his first visit to Nanjiang City, which contained a lot of uncertainties, unlike in Jindo where he had a group of buddies to guarantee her safety.

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