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Chapter 1007: Who Was It For

Jiang Yao wanted to find an excuse to escape from the kitchen when she saw Lu Xingzhis expression.

Moe was still lying on the sofa, so she slapped his butt.

Moe looked at Jiang Yao silently and smiled at her without any hint of anger.

His smile made Jiang Yaos hair stand on end.

As she thought about how he looked, she went back to the bedroom.

It took time to cook the braised pork.

Then, when she was sure that Lu Xingzhi would not see the things she had hidden, Jiang Yao went to lock the bedroom door.

Only then did she set her mind at ease to fold a thousand paper cranes.

It was getting closer to Lu Xingzhis birthday, but more than half of the thousand paper cranes she needed were still unfinished.

She unfolded the paper crane in front of the table and wrote a sentence on it with a pen.

[Suddenly, I find the way you wrapped yourself in an apron as you cooked braised pork in the kitchen particularly handsome]

The paper was very small, so the words on the paper were tiny, but the paper was still full of words.

After she finished her writing and waited for the ink to dry, Jiang Yao took out another piece of paper and wrote another sentence.

[Mrs Lin said that many people come to you to write couplets every year.

Your handwriting is very good.

If you have time, you can teach me calligraphy]

Each of the 400 plus paper cranes had a short sentence like that hidden in them.

It was all from her heart.

She had written on many paper cranes while she was at the Yuan City Hotel; most of them were about how much she had missed him.

Some were about how handsome he had looked when he jumped out of the helicopter.

Of course, there were also some new ones that she had made over the past few days.

Some were about how he was too naggy.

She was only two kilograms lighter, but he could still talk about it every day.

After Jiang Yao finished that, she propped her chin on her hands and leaned against the table.

Her soft eyes were full of smiles.

At that moment, she imagined the moment Lu Xingzhi saw the words hidden in those paper cranes.

When he found out about the paper cranes, she would have already started school, right

When he saw her complaints, he would definitely be angry and helpless and call her a heartless little b*tch.

“Wife, come out for dinner.”

Lu Xingzhi came out of the kitchen and knocked on the bedroom door when he could not find Jiang Yao in the living room.

As he yelled for her, he reached out to open the door, only to realize that the bedroom door was locked.

“Coming, coming!”

Lu Xingzhi stood outside the door and heard Jiang Yao respond hurriedly.

However, he waited at the door for nearly two minutes before she came out; her palm was still stained with black ink.

“What are you doing Homework” Lu Xingzhi asked.

“Hmm, smells good.” Jiang Yao did not answer his question.

Instead, she sniffed the air and ran to the kitchen.

Lu Xingzhi followed behind her with his hands in his pockets and raised eyebrows.

If she did not answer and changed the topic, then she was not doing her homework.

When he saw her guilty look, Lu Xingzhi did not expose her.

Instead, as she took a bowl from the cupboard, Lu Xingzhi asked, “Who is it for”


He hasnt eaten for a few days.” Jiang Yao pouted at Moe, who was on the sofa.

Coincidentally, Moe also jumped down from the couch.

However, Lu Xingzhi was standing beside Jiang Yao, so he could only stare at the man with his cat eyes.

He did not dare to go forward.

Lu Xingzhi glanced at Moe and then watched as Jiang Yao scooped half a plate of braised pork and placed it into the bowl.

He was slightly shocked.

“Are you sure that it can eat so much meat”

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