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Chapter 1004: What If She Were Pregnant

When they reached the door, Jiang Yao took the initiative to stand to the side and waited for Lu Xingzhi to open the door.

She asked, “Is it really as magical as they say The seller said that this is not a blessing brought by the lanterns.

The lanterns are only well-known for their exquisite workmanship and beautiful designs.”

After he opened the door, Lu Xingzhi let Jiang Yao enter the house first.

He did not close the door because he had to go down again to help Mrs Lin carry the things.

He answered Jiang Yaos question, “People who have bought these lanterns did say that they got pregnant straight away.

When we got married, some of my comrades in the army bought a pair for us, but I didnt hang them up.”

“Where did you put it” Jiang Yao asked casually.

“I kept them in the living room at that time.

Later, when my friends children came by, they broke the lanterns, so I threw them away.” Lu Xingzhi pointed to a corner of the living room and then looked at Jiang Yao mockingly.

Then, he smiled and asked, “Everyone says that this lantern is very effective if it were hung up.

What if you do get pregnant”

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi and said, “Whether or not I get pregnant has nothing to do with the lantern.

Dont talk about baseless questions with a medical student!”

Lu Xingzhi thought about it for a moment and nodded thoughtfully.

“Yes, whether or not you are pregnant has everything to do with your man, but nothing to do with the lanterns.”

He smiled proudly.

“If I want to get you pregnant, then youll get pregnant.

If I dont want you to get pregnant, then you wont get pregnant.”

As he spoke, Lu Xingzhi put the things on the ground.

He turned his head to look at the sofa and exclaimed, “Wife, your stupid cat has disappeared.”

The leash was left on the ground.

Lu Xingzhi picked up the broken leash and looked at it.

His eyes flashed.

He looked around the living room, but he did not see Moe.

He went to the bedroom and the study room again, but Moe was not there.

“Maybe she ran away from home because she was unhappy after you abused her.” Jiang Yao was angry when Lu Xingzhi mentioned Moe.

That man did not even know that Moe was not in the house.

“Let me repeat it to you again.

Moe is not stupid,” Jiang Yao defended herself.

“She is smarter than most cats!”

“I can see it now.” Lu Xingzhi threw the leash on the coffee table.

Then, he looked at the fruit knife on the coffee table.

How would a stupid cat know how to use a fruit knife to cut the leash and run away

Since the cat was not stupid, why did it not react to him for the past two days When he dragged it downstairs, it did not struggle at all.

“Cats are wild and playful.

However, they will always know the way home.

It might have run to someone elses house through the balcony window.

Please dont bother about it.

Dont let Mrs Lin wait downstairs.

Its hard for her to deal with Old Madam He by herself.

Lets go down to help her carry her things home.” Jiang Yao placed the lantern on the sofa gently before she turned around and urged Lu Xingzhi, who was staring at the fruit knife in a daze.

“Ill go down alone.

Its cold outside.

You should stay at home and wait for me,” Lu Xingzhi grunted as he looked out the window.

He did not want Jiang Yao to go down with him.

He was probably afraid that Old Madam He would bother Jiang Yao before he was back.

So, when Lu Xingzhi went out of the house, he locked the door.

After Lu Xingzhi went downstairs, Jiang Yao ran to the balcony and shouted to Mrs Lin, who was still downstairs.

She wanted the older woman to know that Lu Xingzhi had gone downstairs for her things.

Then, Jiang Yao tried to look for traces of Moe in case he had climbed the wall.

However, he liked to be clean.

Perhaps Moe had gone for a bath after Lu Xingzhi left the house.

Therefore, there was only a little water stain on the wall, but no dirty cat paw prints.

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