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Chapter 1003: She Wants To Give Birth To My Child

“Why shouldnt it be a lady Sergeant Lu is an officer with a bright future.

So, your wife should be addressed as a lady” Old Madam He did not notice Lu Xingzhis displeasure at all.

Then, she walked forward and reached out to help them carry their things.

Mrs Yang immediately hindered Old Madam He and said, “Auntie, youre a senior.

We can handle these things ourselves.

We dont dare to trouble you.”

Old Madam He looked at them and muttered in her heart.

Were they afraid that she would take their things

After she thought about it, Old Madam He felt that it was most likely the case.

The wealthier one was, the more money one would lose.

Since they had gone to buy a lot of New Years goods, it was likely that they had purchased a lot of good things too.

They were probably afraid that she would steal them.

Therefore, Old Madam He gave up on the idea of helping them carry the items.

However, when she saw the lanterns in their arms, she thought they would not mind since they were pretty large items.

“Ill carry the lanterns for you! The lanterns are big; I wont be able to hide them.” Old Madam He grinned and reached out toward the lantern in Mrs Yangs hand.

“Auntie, you must be joking.

Why would we be afraid that youll hide them We just think youre older than us and will tire more quickly if you carry too many things up the stairs.

We can come down for the rest of the items.

Otherwise, well wait for our husbands to get them later.

We really dont dare to trouble you.” Mrs Lin chuckled and persuaded Old Madam He to go to the side.

Then, she gave Mrs Yang, Jiang Yao, and the others a signal to take their things upstairs first.

She held Old Madam Hes hand and talked to her downstairs so that the old woman would not cause trouble again.

Lu Xingzhi carried the heaviest things.

Jiang Yao and the other two women carried a pair of lanterns each.

Then, whoever reached their house first would take the things from Lu Xingzhis hands.

Mrs Yang, who stayed downstairs, had also reached her home, so Lu Xingzhi only had half the things in his hand.

The rest of the items had belonged to his wife; she had bought the amount of the other two women combined.

Jiang Yao was worried that Lu Xingzhi would be tired, so she walked slowly with the lanterns in her hands.

She also wanted Lu Xingzhi to slow down and rest for a while.

Lu Xingzhi noticed that Jiang Yao was walking slowly, so he turned to look at her.

When he saw the red-faced Jiang Yao, he laughed softly.

“Wife, are these lanterns ours”

“Thats right.

The design of these lanterns is quite beautiful, isnt it I heard that they are handmade by a family who had been in the business for a hundred years.

We can hang them on the balcony like Sister Lins house.

Its quite festive,” Jiang Yao answered quite seriously.

Lu Xingzhi smiled.

“Hmm, the legendary childbirth lantern.” Lu Xingzhi paused for a moment before he asked, “Do you really want to have my child so badly”

Jiang Yao stumbled.

If Lu Xingzhi had not pulled her back quickly, she would have rolled downstairs.

“You also know about this lantern” Jiang Yao was so shocked by Lu Xingzhis words that she could not stand up straight.

How could he know about such a womanly rumor

Why would he feel like she was rushing for a child just because she bought a pair of legendary lanterns

“Ive heard about them.

Many people in the army have bought them.” Lu Xingzhi nodded and asked Jiang Yao to walk in front of him.

He probably thought that Jiang Yao looked especially cute with the lanterns in her hands, so he did not take the lanterns from her.

He was only afraid that the lanterns would be too big and block her line of sight, so when he spoke, his eyes never left her footsteps.

He was worried that she would fall if she were not careful.

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