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He looked back, but realized that no one else in the room had noticed it except for him.


Zhou Jing suddenly became interested.

He originally thought that the Old Master Ye had only contracted a difficult illness, but now he realized that things did not seem to be that simple.

Zhou Jing carefully sized him up, but he could not tell anything.

However, the cold aura he sensed could not be faked.

“Its not the feedback of my five senses… but my spiritual perception”

Zhou Jings heart skipped a beat.

With the intention of giving it a try, he switched to his Elemental Vision.

In the next moment, colorful elemental particles appeared in his world.

And within his vision, a ball of black gas was wrapped around the Old Master of the Ye family.

It was like a ball of mud that was squirming unconsciously.

“What… is this”

Zhou Jing was alarmed.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation in this world.

This black gas was clearly not like elemental particles.

This was the first time he saw something unknown with his Elemental Vision.

“This is probably the cause of the Old Masters problems.”

Zhou Jing frowned slightly, not sure what was going on with this black aura.

After thinking for a moment, he used his mental strength to fuse with the wind element and carefully probed it.

The next moment, he suddenly felt a wave of mental feedback from the ball.

In the mental contact, this black gas emitted negative emotions such as resentment and hatred, but it seemed to be only subconsciously doing so.

At the same time, when he poked the black gas with his mental strength, a wisp of it seemed to be attracted and followed the elemental particles to attack him.

“Trying to stick to me instead”

A cyan light flashed in Zhou Jings eyes.

The wind element that contained mental strength directly pounced forward and easily crushed the wisp of black aura.

However, there was no reaction from the large mass of black gas.

It seemed to have only moved to infect at the point of contact.

“Im afraid this is a hidden side of this world that no one knows about… Perhaps this black aura is like a nature spirit, a unique thing that exists in an intangible form”

Zhou Jing came to a vague realization.

At this moment, Ye Shunzhong saw Zhou Jing standing in front of the bed and could not help but ask curiously, “Daoist, did you discover anything”

Hearing this, Zhou Jing turned to look at him, his tone subtle,

“Youre lucky.

This Daoist might really be able to treat him.”

Ye Shunzhong was stunned for a moment before he was pleasantly surprised.

He hurriedly asked, “Daoist, what illness does my grandfather have”

Zhou Jing shook his head and deliberated a bit, before he summarized the situation,

“This might not be an illness… In my opinion, hes probably infected with an evil spirit.”

“Evil spirit”

Ye Shunzhong and Zhang Jinduan were stunned on the spot.

At the same time, outside another tall mansion in Ning Tian Prefecture.

The old Daoist priest and the young man looked at the high courtyard walls and gate of the residence with complicated expressions.

The young man blinked and turned to look at the old Daoist.

“Master, are you sure this is the place that the Aura Divination Technique found”

The old Daoist sighed, “Theres no mistake.

That demon is in this residence now.”

The young man swallowed and stammered, “Then Master, should we pay a visit, sneak in, or just fight our way in”

The old Daoist priest glanced at him as if he was looking at a fool and said angrily, “You might think youve lived enough, but I havent lived enough for my liking yet.

If you visit, youll most likely walk into a trap.

If you sneak in, itll be too easy for that demon to discover you, and its even more impossible for you to attack him.

Do you think Im like that Death Beckoning Yama King from the Lu River I dont have that ability!”

“Then, then what should we do”

“Lets go back to the inn to sleep!”

The old Daoist turned around and left.

The young man quickly followed.

After hesitating for a while, he could not help but ask, “Master, are we not going to care about this demonic spirit any more”

The old Daoist sighed and explained helplessly, “That demon cultivator most likely bewitched the nobles and obtained their protection.

Im alone and have a burden like you.

For the time being, I cant do anything to him.

I can only plan long term and wait for an opportunity.”

“…Master, Im not a burden.

I think your evaluation of me is biased.”

“Have you learned the Clear Spirit Immortal Technique Have you understood the Golden Light Evil Repelling Talisman Technique Have you learned the Aura Divination Technique Can you open your Spiritual Eye Tell me, Ive been teaching you for a few years.

You should have at least been a little useful, not useless like how you are now.”



The old Daoist priest continued to scold the youth as he joined the crowd.


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