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Episode 177: Shia's battle (Third Party Perspective)








 Alexia understands that a Stampede has happened due to the rumbling that she just felt.

She immediately tries to go outside to turn the monsters into her experience points.



 However, she also remembers that she is currently naked.



 Alexia is in the middle of enjoying the bath in the dormitory like Fuhito.

She doesn't even hide her body with a towel, she strolls around the bathhouse with a dignified attitude, with a towel on her head, she soaks in the open-air bath while humming with an expressionless face.



 She happily gets out of the open-air bath, wipes off the moisture from her body, returns to the dressing room, packs up her things, and whispers 'Exchange' to arm herself with her Exchange Ring.






 While doing so, another rumbling of the earth resounds, and another Stampede is triggered.






 Alexia looks for which of the signs is stronger, and it is the latter, based on her keenly enhanced detection ability.



 And it points in the direction of the E-rank dungeon.



"E-rank dungeon."



 After muttering, Alexia immediately runs towards the E-rank dungeon.






 However, when she feels the shaking again, she applies her brakes and stops.



"D-rank dungeon."



 Sensing even stronger presences, Alexia turns towards the D-rank dungeon as if being guided and starts running.



 In the meantime, contact Nanami, Amane, and Rei via 'LINNE'.



 After running for a while, she finds a familiar back, and lines up next to him.






 Like that, Alexia says one word.




Were you instructed by someone"



This place looks strong."





 When Fuhito asks Alexia in response to Shia's words, she shakes her head in denial.(TN:Not sure why author uses both Alexia and Shia in the same line, but w/e.)



"Everyone else"


"'LINNE' did."



 Alexia answers the continued question in a concise manner.



 Alexia told the other three members that a Stampede had occurred at school and that Fuhito would send instructions to them later.



"Ah, I completely forgot to contact them, so that's a big help.

Please tell Nanami to join Amane and the others in front of the school.

Oh, and please tell them Luck's Kagema will properly protect my mother and the area around the house.

Monsters from other dungeons may go to my house."






 Fuhito, who hadn't contacted Nanami and the others, decided to leave the communication to Alexia, and tells Alexia what he wants to instruct.

Alexia immediately sends a message to everyone and continues running.



"Let's move on to conquering the D-rank dungeon quickly."





 He changes his movements and starts jumping over buildings, and Alexia, herself, starts jumping after him.





"Help me!!"


"Don't come!!"



 As the D-rank dungeon is approached, the screams of ordinary people can be heard below Alexia and the others.




Shia, We'll save everyone!!"





 Alexia and the others decide to help the humans within reach for the time being.




Let's split up.

Shia take the west side."





 Considering the possibility that there are many people who have not been able to evacuate, the two split into two groups.



 Alexia is in charge of the west side of the lower part of the semicircle drawn with the D-rank dungeon as the starting point, as instructed by Fuhito.



"Wh, who is there!!"



 Alexia runs as fast as she can when she hears it.



 There, she can see a BlackKobolin, like what once nearly killed her, chasing the fleeing civilians, blocking the road as if sneering, adn gradually narrowing the escape route.



"Won't let you."



 Alexia accelerates as fast as she can and cuts herself between the fleeing civilians and the BlackKobolin.






 Surprised by the sudden appearance of Alexia, the BlackKobolin flinches and stops moving.









 She didn't miss the chance and cut it into pieces in an instant.



"A, am I saved"



 The man who was running away looks behind him, notices the place where the monster was is empty, and stops his feet.



"Run away."


"Umm, d, did you help me Th, thank you."


"Don't bow.

Go quick."


"R, right.

I'm sorry."



 Alexia points in the direction of evacuation, but since he is a member of the academy, she dutifully bows her head.

However, she doesn't have much time to spend with him, so she asks him to move, and the man bows his head and runs away.






 After confirming that he had evacuated, Alexia heads to another site, relying on the screams.

However, when dealing with monsters that are likely to deviate from the range, the damage will be severe if they go outside any further, and she will be late to reach the scene, and it will soon become impossible to handle.



 At this rate, I won't be in time for the next one.



 As Alexia thinks such, she witnesses multiple black shadows passing nearby.



"As expected."



 Recognizing that it was Luck's Kagema, Alexia immediately prioritizes saving lives.



 After that, Alexia, who no longer needs to worry about monsters going out of range thanks to Luck's Kagema, finishes rescuing all the civilians and starts running towards the center where the D-rank dungeon is.



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