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Ch39 - The greatest pleasure in the world

The young demon leaned over Yun Yuan, his eyes curved in pleasure.

He slowly ran his fingers along his neck, moving downwards.

Seeing that he was about to lift the collar of his robe, Yun Yun grabbed his fingers and spoke in a strangled voice.

“Thank you for your confession, Senior, but this Junior is not interested in love affairs.

Please don’t blame me, Senior.” 

Faced with the temptation of the demon, he appeared indifferent and cold, with an air of alienation as if he was a thousand miles away from the situation.

He stood up and adjusted his crumpled robe, completely unmoved.

The teenager raised an eyebrow and sat up from the bed, losing his interest in seduction.

He  casually asked, “Are you always so indifferent with others”



Yun Yuan left to cultivate outside the room.

In front of the young demon he had always been polite, but it was limited to the etiquette one showed to Seniors.

If the demon asked for further contact with Yun Yuan, he would always be ruthlessly rejected.

In all fairness, although the relationship between the righteous cultivators and demonic cultivators was tense and many righteous cultivators would instinctively treat demons as their enemies, Yun Yuan did not hate demons.

At least, he had never been harmed by a demon and he had never seen a demon persecuting others, so he had no reason to hate them. 

But the path of Dao and the demonic path were different in the end.

The paths that they had taken were not the same and would not cross each other in future.

For this reason, Yun Yuan did not want to have a deep relationship with the teenager.


As for the teenager’s request to have fun with him, Yun Yuan really had no interest in it.

It wasn’t that he thought he was above it all, but he was earnestly devoted to cultivation and didn’t want to indulge in lust.

Besides, the demon was only interested in his appearance without any sincerity towards him.

Yun Yuan had no reason to agree to him.

“One day, I’ll get you to respond to me.”

Ji Ning smiled, no longer pestering Yun Yuan and turned to leave.

Yun Yuan was finally left alone and could cultivate in peace, absorbing spiritual energy to enrich his cultivation base.


A few months passed and Ji Ning continued to follow Yun Yuan like a shadow.

Yun Yuan felt helpless in the face of his persistence but became used to Ji Ning’s presence.

It wasn’t until one day, when Ji Ning rescued Yun Yuan and another member of Jingxu palace from a vicious beast, that Ji Ning no longer appeared so brazenly.

It couldn’t be that Ji Ning was afraid of the Jingxu acquaintance, as they were no match for him.

Yun Yuan later guessed that Ji Ning hadn’t wanted to impact his relationship with his classmates.

This thought gave him a strange feeling because he hadn’t expected Ji Ning to think so carefully about him.

He told himself that it was just another tactic of Ji Ning’s and that he couldn’t allow himself to be softhearted, so when he faced the boy who only appeared in his room at night, he still maintained his lukewarm attitude towards him.


In the days that followed, Yun Yuan found that the smile on the boy’s face gradually faded, until one night, when the demon finally challenged him. 

“You treat your classmates well, why do you only treat me like this” The demon looked at him reproachfully.

This was the first time Yun Yuan had seen him show such a cold expression and he was slightly taken aback.

After a few moments of silence, he slowly said, “They are my classmates.

Seniors that have a high level of cultivation don’t need to be taken care of by Juniors.”

He was aware that his attitude towards the demon was much colder than with others.

He did it on purpose, to make the youth aware of the difference of treatments and give up on him.

This was his original thinking, but at the same time, for some reason he didn’t feel any relief when he saw the teenager’s smile disappear. 

The demonic cultivator stared at him for a while, then suddenly took out a gleaming spiritual sword from his storage bag and said.

“It’s your birthday today.

This is my present to you, it’s called ‘Qiyue’.

It’s not a high level spiritual sword so you don’t need to worry about attracting suspicion.

“It’s supposed to glow on a full moon and there should be one tonight.

You and I can go and watch it together.” He handed the spiritual sword to Yun Yuan and said, “I’ll give it to you.”

Yun Yuan looked at the spiritual sword in his hand, complicated emotions flashing through his eyes.

Finally, he shook his head, “Thank you for thinking of me Senior, but this Junior is not a sword cultivator.

This sword would be useless to me.” 

“I know it’s useless, but I’m giving it to you because it’s also pretty.”

Ji Ning continued, “The reason I treat you…It’s not an attempt to- I just…”


He looked up at Yun Yuan and suddenly moved closer, raising his head slightly, wanting to kiss him.

Yun Yuan couldn’t dodge him, he could only tilt his head to avoid him, letting Ji Ning’s kiss fall on the side of his face.

Yun Yuan had never acted so intimately with anyone else before.

When he felt Ji Ning’s soft lips touch him, his heart trembled slightly and his whole body felt shaken to his core, but he quickly lowered his head and gently pushed Ji Ning away. 

His heart wavered, just now Ji Ning hadn’t finished his sentence, but he knew that all the demon wanted was to use him for a night.

If he were an ordinary person, he would have happily fallen for Ji Ning a long time ago.

Even Yun Yuan was tempted by Ji Ning, but because of this, he couldn’t respond to him.

He had turned down Ji Ning in every possible way because he was already so affected by him.

He pretended that he was indifferent to it all to try and stop his growing feelings, because he knew if anything ever happened between them, he would never be able to forget Ji Ning.

This wasn’t good for the cultivation path he pursued.

Besides, while Ji Ning appeared to be gentle towards him, it wasn’t out of sincerity, but because he lusted after his body. 

“Forgive me, but I can’t accept it.”

He held back his true emotions and spoke coldly, knocking away Ji Ning’s hand, rejecting both ‘Qiyue’ and Ji Ning.


Ji Ning retracted his hand, stared at him silently for a long time, then repeated, “Okay.” 

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He clenched the spirit sword in his hand and turned to leave the room.

Watching his back, Yun Yuan couldn’t help but want to chase after him but he repressed the urge, silently reciting a mantra to clear the mind.

It would be better for him to practise without distractions.

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Sitting inside of a cold cave, Yu Yuan couldn’t help but recall the young boy’s resolute expression over and over again.

The pain in his heart was unrelenting but he gently closed his eyes. 

He shouldn’t think about him anymore.

After completing his training experience, Yu Yuan returned to Jingxu palace to continue his cultivation practise.

As he gradually revealed his peerless talent, his cultivation improved in leaps and bounds.

A few years later, he was accepted as a direct disciple of one of the three hall masters and became one of the highest ranking disciples inside Jingxu palace.

After several new spiritual worlds were born, the righteous cultivators and demons held a large competition for the right to control the spiritual worlds.

The competition was held inside the realm of Jingxu palace.

As one of the head disciples, Yun Yuan was responsible for greeting the disciples of the major sects.

When he received the task, his expression appeared calm but he couldn’t help but feel a faint joy in his heart.

Maybe, in such a wide scale competition, he would be able to see Ji Ning again… 

It turned out he really did see Ji Ning.

As the son of the Qingzong sect master, he was welcomed by the palace master of the Jingxu palace whilst the other demonic disciples were greeted by the palace disciples.

Amongst the many disciples, Yun Yuan recognised the youth at a glance.

It was only then that he realised that Ji Ning was the young master of the Qingzong sect.

It was rumoured that the young master of the Qingzong sect was extremely talented, but his movements were secretive and he hardly ever revealed his true face.

The outside world didn’t even know his name.

This was his first public appearance and it immediately attracted the attention of many people who eagerly came over to greet him.


To match the importance of the occasion, the youth dressed solemnly.

His black Taoist robe was simple and neat, with long sleeves and a high neckline.

No more than half an inch of skin was left uncovered, but Yun Yuan still couldn’t look away.

He only thought that in these few years, the man was able to captivate him even more.

The disciples of the Qingzong sect were both male and female and all of them had outstanding appearances.

They surrounded the teenager, chatting and laughing freely.

Many of them even openly acted intimately with him.

Obviously the youth was very popular inside the Qingzong sect, maybe one of those disciples was his dual cultivation partner. 

Watching this scene, Yun Yuan felt a sharp pain in his heart.

But after observing for a short period of time, he saw that Ji Ning only treated his disciples perfunctorily and there was no ambiguity in his words.

Knowing that the intimate interactions were just the disciples’ one-sided love for the man, his mood instantly improved.

Leading the other disciples of Jingxu palace, he stepped forward to welcome the people of the Qingzong sect.

“I am Yun Yuan, a head disciple.

I welcome you fellow cultivators to our Jingxu palace.”

Yun Yuan introduced himself, which attracted the attention of many of the disciples of Qingzong sect, who were interested in the cultivation genius that had made a name for himself in just a few short years.

Seeing his handsome appearance and determined temperament, they couldn’t help but become more interested.

“Yun Yuan ah…” 

When Ji Ning spoke to Yun Yuan, it was as if he didn’t know him.

He elongated his words, a playful look on his pretty face.

Suddenly he smiled, his eyes skipping over Yun Yuan and sweeping across the disciples of Jingxu palace behind him.

These disciples were far beneath Ji Ning’s cultivation base and when they met his eyes, both boys and girls blushed.

Unable to resist his allure, they could only bow their heads to avoid his gaze, hearts pounding.

Ji Ning curled his lip into a slight smirk and walked over to them.

Seeing the distance between them narrowing, Yun Yuan’s heart filled with anticipation for an unknown reason.

Yet Ji Ning completely ignored him and walked in front of a female disciple. 

The girl had a beautiful face and when she saw Ji Ning walking over to her, she turned nervous and shy.

Who would have expected Ji Ning to lift her chin and ask her in a low voice, “What’s your name”


The girl had never experienced something like this before.

Her face flushed with colour instantly.

She knew that Ji Ning’s actions were frivolous and that he was a demonic cultivator, but she still couldn’t summon any disgust in her heart.

After a while, she looked at Yun Yuan for help, “Senior brother Yun…”

“Young master, please respect yourself.” 

Yun Yuan’s eyes were cold as he stepped in front of the girl and grabbed Ji Ning’s wrist, surprising his fellow Jingxu palace disciples.

They hadn’t expected their Senior brother Yun, who had always been indifferent and lofty, to become so angry.

With Senior brother Yun’s gentle temperament, he had never done such a rude act before, not to mention the other party was the young master of the Qingzong sect.

Even if the young master was in the wrong, Yun Yuan shouldn’t have acted so hastily.

He had even grabbed the demon’s wrist, wasn’t he afraid of angering him

But the young master seemed to have a good temper and wasn’t angry at all.

He just smiled and removed his hand, giving Yun Yuan’s face a gentle stroke.

“Be careful next time, that’s just the way we are.” 

After this, he didn’t care about the Jingxu palace welcome and took the Qingzong sect disciples away.

His series of actions weren’t polite at all.

The disciples of Jingxu palace should have been annoyed by him, but instead they were bewitched by his charming character and their anger towards him disappeared.

They only felt a faint worry that Senior brother Yun, who had been touched so casually by Ji Ning, would be further infuriated, creating discord between the two factions before the competition even started.


But unexpectedly, after being touched by Ji Ning, not only did Yun Yuan appear calm, but the trace of anger on his face had vanished.

“Let’s go greet the disciples of the other sects.” 

As expected of Senior brother Yun, he was really conscious of their overall situation.

The reason he was so angry just now must be because he wanted to protect Junior sister…

Although the disciples speculated wildly, they didn’t notice Yun Yuan glance in the direction that Ji Ning left, his expression faintly confused as he raised his hand and brushed against the place Ji Ning had just touched.

By the time all the sects had arrived, the day had already reached its end.

There would be a period of adjustment, then the competition would be officially held in three days time.

Ever since he had seen Ji Ning, Yun Yuan had felt a little dazed.

He came back to his senses some time after he had greeted the last sect to arrive, when he found himself on the peak where the Qingzong sect was staying.

He had walked all the way up to the gates of the courtyard where Ji Ning should be, the outline of the room could vaguely be seen. 

He had never thought he had been influenced by Ji Ning to such an extent.

Since Ji Ning had appeared it was as if his thoughts were completely controlled by him…

Yun Yuan knew that he shouldn’t be like this, but at the same time, his feet seemed rooted to the ground and he stood for a long time in the same place.

Finally he sighed, it was rare for him to follow his own desires.

He walked towards Ji Ning’s courtyard.

He would just look at him from a distance…

He told himself, just this once, and when he went back, he would get rid of these troublesome thoughts. 

He had to remember that Ji Ning was only interested in his body.

It had only been a few years, but now that they had met again, he was no longer special in Ji Ning’s eyes.

The only person in Ji Ning’s sight today was his own Junior sister…

Despite the grief in his heart, Yun Yuan appeared calm.

Facing the disciples of the Qingzong sect, he told them he had something to discuss with their young master and wished to see him.

“I’m afraid that right now… it’s not very convenient.”

A female disciple of the Qingzong sect, who was standing at the gates of the courtyard rolled her eyes and said, “The young sect master is inside with someone else.” 

Who was he inside with What were they doing

Yun Yuan didn’t have time to ask before the door of the courtyard’s house was abruptly pushed open and a handsome demon cultivator left the room with his clothes dishevelled.

Yun Yuan’s pupils shrank.

But before he could enter the courtyard to question Ji Ning, the disciple sighed, a dejected expression on his face. 

“What, did the young master kick you out again” You Ruowu asked with a slight smile on her face.



Mo Xiu nodded.

He glanced over at Yun Yuan, but didn’t shy away from him, squatting down at the door of the courtyard to talk to You Ruowu.

“Little Junior brother is too hard to eat.

I’m so ashamed of myself, I offered to warm up his bed but he still won’t accept me…” 

You Ruowu covered her smile with her fingers, “It’s not like you didn’t know the young master isn’t interested in anyone.

He’s never even practised dual cultivation.”

Ji Ning had never cultivated with others

Yun Yuan was shocked to hear these words.

“Ah, why is this” Asked Mo Xiu curiously, “You know him best Shijie, what’s the reason” 


You Ruowu glanced at Yun Yuan, apparently unwilling to reveal this secret in front of a person of the Jingxu palace.

With a smile, she asked, “The young master should be free now, Daoist Yun, would you like me to pass on your message”

“Thank you Daoist You but I have just remembered some things I need to take care of.

I’ll say goodbye now and visit the young master later.”

Yun Yuan turned and left, but instead of returning to Jingxu palace, he went to the great hall and crushed a specific talisman that hung in the air. 

This was a type of communication talisman, created by the elders of Jingxu palace.

It could be connected with a certain area and after crushing allowed the user to watch and listen to the associated space.

It had been specially made by Jingxu palace to make certain the demons weren’t causing chaos in the mountain gate.

The talisman was connected to the gate of Ji Ning’s courtyard and after it was broken, a multitude of different scenes appeared in the air, including the two cultivators from before.

He waved away the other images, focusing on the two demon cultivators.

You Ruowu was speaking, “…So the young master doesn’t cultivate with others because he already has someone he admires.”

“What…” Mo Xiu stood up in shock and anger, “You mean little Junior brother…Who is this beast Let me kill them!” 

“I don’t know who, I just know there is such a person.”

You Ruowu said, “Have you ever seen the spiritual sword, ‘Qiyue’, that the young master keeps in his room It’s just an ordinary spiritual sword, but the young master cherishes it very much and always keeps it where he can see it.”

“Of course I’ve seen it.

I’m extremely jealous of that sword.” Said Mo Xiu with a wry smile, “What’s so special about it”

“The sect master once asked the young master about it, and the young master replied that he had wanted to give this sword to someone, but was rejected by that person.

His expression at that time…I’ve never seen the young master look so sad.” 

The female cultivator sighed softly, “Young master has been deeply affected by this for years.

The way he looks at that sword is always the same, even though that person rejected him…”

“There’s someone in this world who would refuse little Junior, are they blind”


Mo Xiu ground his teeth for a while, then spoke with a bitter voice, “Even after so many years, little Junior still misses that person.

Despite being the young master of the Qingzong sect, he kept himself like pure jade…”

The talisman ran out of energy and the image slowly disappeared.

Yun Yuan stood frozen.

His normal indifferent expression had vanished, replaced with a look of pure shock.

Stormy waves thundered in his heart, he felt as if he was in a dream, disbelieving yet ecstatic. 

He suddenly recalled that night a few years ago, the words the teenager had been so hesitant to speak.

“The reason I treat you…It’s not an attempt to- I just…”

This meant the youth hadn’t just wanted to sleep with him, but that…he had feelings for him.

No wonder he never returned after he rejected him… 

No wonder he treated him with so much gentleness and wanted to be close with him…

He even kept ‘Qiyue’ with him, and after returning to Qingzong sect he never responded to others.

It was obvious that even until now, he-

Yun Yuan turned and left the hall.

Since he began cultivating, even when he had been accepted as a direct disciple of a hall master, he had never been so excited.

He rushed all the way over to Ji Ning’s courtyard.

Mo Xiu had already gone and the female cultivator was left standing outside.

She was surprised to see Yun Yuan approaching so hurriedly and asked politely, “Have you finished your business Then I can pass on-” 

“No need, I have something urgent.”

Yun Yuan entered the courtyard directly, his spiritual energy sensed that there was someone inside one of the buildings.

Pushing open the door, he entered the building to see the teenager, lounging languidly on the bed.

The youth was still wearing his solemn Taoist robe.

Seeing Yu Yuan enter, he looked a little surprised, but quickly laughed and asked casually, “What is the reason for Yun Yuan coming to find me”

Yun Yuan closed the door behind him.

Staring at him with burning eyes, he replied in a hoarse voice, “I have something to ask you.” 

Perhaps his gaze was very different from the past, both dark and fiery, as a trace of discomfort crossed the boy’s face but he quickly curled the corners of his lips and said.

“It’s not convenient for me right now.

Someone will be coming to serve me soon.

If Daoist Yun has nothing to do, he should go back first.”

After saying this, he sat up and slowly untied the knot of his outermost layer, taking off the Taoist robe before beginning to unbutton the clothes inside.

Giving Yun Yuan a deliberate look, he said with a half smile, “It’s a particular kind of service, would Daoist Yun be interested in watching”

“Who wants to serve you” Yun Yuan asked him, unaffected. 

“Who wants…” The youth was dazed for a while, as if he hadn’t expected Yun Yuan would ask such a question.

He paused before continuing, “Of course they’re from my Qingzong sect.

There are several of them, I won’t say the number, it might scare you to death.”

“The disciples of Qingzong sect have travelled thousands of miles to come to Jingxu palace, they have already worked very hard.

As a member of Jingxu palace, I couldn’t allow our guests to become further exhausted.”


As Yun Yuan spoke he unpinned his hair, letting the dark strands cascade over his shoulders.

He dropped his snow white robe, exposing his body, and walked over to the bed, pressing the boy onto it.

The youth went rigid before retreating back on the bed, but Yun Yuan was unrelenting, forcing him backwards until he was trapped inside the corner.

Yun Yuan moved a hand to the side of his head, further blocking him in. 

“Yun, Yun Yuan, you…”

The youth was flustered, his face turning crimson.

He turned his head to one side, embarrassed.

Yun Yuan picked up a strand of his hair and gave it a gentle kiss.

He wore a slight smile, but he wouldn’t allow the teenager to avoid him any longer.

“If the young master is willing, I would like to personally serve the young master until you are satisfied.”

“And if the young master isn’t willing-” 

He pinched the boy’s jaw and turned his head to face him, forcing him to look inside his eyes as he spoke each word slowly.

“Then, as a Senior, I beg you to teach the younger generation the greatest pleasures in the world.”

First of all, damn Yun Yuan, you’re so sexy.

Secondly – this is the chapter that made me realise Ji Ning is kind of a scum, but he’s my baby so I forgive him for it!!

Sorry for not posting on Saturday – I was taking a very long flight, but now I am back in the land of rain ready for uni!! 


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