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Story Of Kunning Palace - Chapter 004 Girl is fine

  As soon as these words came out, Wang Xing's family was stunned.

    Jiang Xuehui and her maid who were standing beside her even had a ghostly expression on their faces, as if they didn't believe that these words could come out of Jiang Xuening's mouth: It's fine if you don't mix it up, and there's even more in the words.

Satirizing the servant girl she used to be especially fond of !

    Wang Xingjia's eyelids began to jump.

    She used to serve by Meng's side, but she was not one of the servants most trusted by Meng's.

Four years ago, she was ordered to go to Tongzhou to pick up Jiang Xuening back to the house, and she saw that she was a good master: she was young and knowledgeable.

, she has a high status, but she grew up on a farm, and she doesn't know anyone in the mansion, so she will definitely be uneasy when she arrives in the capital.

    So on the way, he flattered Jiang Xuening in every possible way.

    Sure enough, after returning to the mansion, she slightly revealed to Jiang Xuening twice, and Jiang Xuening asked her from the Meng family.

    From then on, in Jiang Xuening's room, everything big and small will be under her control.

    And as she played with Lord Yan Xiaohou, everyone in the house would be afraid when they saw her, and her mother in charge naturally became more and more dignified.

    But she never expected that Jiang Xuening would say such a thing today!

    "Second, the second girl is joking, the old slave is not from Shu, and I have even seen the troupe a few times.

How can I learn to change my face" Wang Xing's family suppressed the doubts in his heart and waved his hands, cheeky.

He took out the energy that used to please Jiang Xuening, "You suddenly said this, you must want to go to the theater, right Old slave Qian'er heard from his wife that there are two new theater troupes in Beijing recently.

Would you please come into the mansion to perform"

    If Jiang Xuening listened to this kind of flattery before, even if he didn't like to smile, he wouldn't turn his face into anger.

    But what about Jiang Xuening now...

    She casually adjusted the hem of the cyan brocade robe embroidered with silver threads and bamboo leaves, and slowly sat on the top of the beauties in the corridor.

Even if she was dressed as a teenager, she couldn't stop her with thick eyebrows.

His lips were red and his teeth were white, and his face was hazy with the mist of the green hills, but also had the delicate state of flower petals.

    Only the smile on his lips was a little cold.     Jiang Xuening shifted his gaze to Wang Xing

    's wrist, with a fake curiosity: "This bracelet on my mother's wrist is really nice, but it looks familiar, but it looks a bit like the one I couldn't find before."


    The beautiful bracelet on her wrist was watched by Jiang Xuening's gaze, and it became hot as if it was being roasted by fire, causing her hands to tremble.

    But her virtue can be spent in the back house for so many years, and she still has the ability to guess people's thoughts.

    The effort of this sentence was only a few thoughts before and after, and she faintly touched a bit of the key - the


    The change in the second girl's plain attitude must have something to do with the bracelet on her wrist.

    After taking care of the affairs in Jiang Xuening's room for so many years, he is used to being pretentious, and Jiang Xuening doesn't know much about his own things.

How can Wang Xing's family hold back

    It is normal to have dirty hands and feet.

    On weekdays, how do you know that you are in trouble today

    When her heart skipped a beat, she immediately started acting: "Like it I dare not compare this bracelet with the girl's good stuff.

I bought it from a street dealer last time, and said it was cracked.

Son, sold it to the old slave at a low price, and after the old slave bought it back, he spent two coins and set it up, look, it's here."

    As she spoke, she pulled off the bracelet with a smile on her face, trying to put it in place.

The slit was pointed to Jiang Xuening.

    With just one finger, "Oops" sounded.

    Wang Xing's eyes widened, with a face of real surprise: "This, why is there no seam"

    Jiang Xuening watched her play.

    Wang Xing's family thought for a while, and soon showed a stunned look again, and sneered: "Look at this old slave's memory, yesterday I helped the second girl with the makeup, I was afraid that I would break the old slave's newly set bracelet, so I took it off and gave it to the old slave.

Putting it on the side, I guess I accidentally confused the good bracelet for the second girl.

After cleaning it up, I took it out and put it on the wrong way.

The old slave said how the bracelet has become so moisturizing, and it feels like when people wear it.

The spirit and spirit are different, it turned out to be a good thing for the girl, and it has been stained with your immortal spirit!"

    Listen, I'm afraid that flattery has become a spirit, and it can't be said so nicely!

    Comparing her attitude towards Jiang Xuehui and herself, Jiang Xuening could understand why she wanted her from the Meng family in her previous life, and she was still allowed to do her best.

    She smiled slightly: "Is it really my bracelet" "It's all my

    fault that the old slave has bad eyesight when he is old.

This can also be taken wrong, or the second girl caught it early, otherwise the old slave will turn around and fall back.

The crime of taking your belongings privately, I really can't wash it out of jumping into the Yellow River!"

    She looked grateful.

    Because Jiang Xuening was sitting on top of the beauty, she squatted down and made a gesture to put it on Jiang Xuening.

    But when I reached halfway, I remembered something.

    "Oh no, this old slave is tacky and sticks on the bracelet.

I'm afraid it won't tarnish your fairy spirit You wait for the old slave to wipe it.

    " After wiping the bracelet, with a smirk on her face, she gently lifted Jiang Xuening's left hand and put the bracelet on her.

    The girl's fingers were long and white.

    The jade color of the bracelet is azure and blue, which makes the wrist look like snow.

    A bunch of nonsense from Wang Xing's family, nothing else is right, but one sentence is right: wearing this bracelet for her is a vulgar thing, and wearing it on Jiang Xuening's wrist is a high-quality immortal.

    "Look, you look so good wearing it!"

    Wang Xing's family admired after wearing it, and at the same time quietly looked at Jiang Xuening.

    According to Jiang Xuening's behavior in the palace for the past two years, Wang Xing's family would have been dragged down and beaten to death by her order long ago, and it would not be left for tomorrow.

    It's just that it's in Jiang's mansion after all.

    Jiang Xuening had just returned from his rebirth, but he was not going to enter the palace in the future.

He felt that he should act in a low-key manner.

He didn't have such a high status.

    It has been two lives, but this is the first time she has worn this bracelet.

    What Wanniang left behind as a family heirloom is not bad.

    It's a pity...

    it wasn't for her.

    There was no joy in the calm eyes, but rather unwavering indifference.

Jiang Xuening looked back at Wang Xing's family, smiled and stretched out his hand, put a hand on her shoulder, and brushed off the dust that did not exist on her face.

With a kind face: "Mom treats me so well." The

    Wang Xing family hurriedly laughed to show their loyalty.

    However, she said lightly in the next sentence: "In the future, when my mother tells me to go east, I will not go west.

I will obey my mother's words."

    The smile on Wang Xing's family's face was squeezed out, and he was completely smashed by these words.

Get in!

    It was colorful and splendid at one time.

    Jiang Xuening didn't care so much, how slowly he sat down just now, and how slowly he stood up now.

    Only then did he glance at Jiang Xuehui, who had been standing beside him.

    In the memory of her last life, this sister's face was almost blurred, and even if it appeared in a midnight nightmare, there was only a faint outline.

Looking at it now, with clear eyes and beautiful eyes, it seems that she is not as terrifying as she always felt before.

    But she didn't say a word to her.

    She and Jiang Xuehui are separated by a Meng family, separated by a Wanniang, separated by the tricks of life and fate, and their temperaments are completely different.

    Taking ten thousand steps back, even if Jiang Xuehui had no grudge against her, she would always have a knot in her heart.

    There is no need to speak.

    She was also too lazy to answer.

    Jiang Xuening turned around and went down the corridor.

    Jiang Xuehui couldn't help turning her eyes around, looking at her distant figure, only to feel that her back was tall and straight, and the sapphire bracelet on her wrist was swaying lightly, giving people a very different feeling than usual.

    As soon as the talent left, Wang Xing's legs softened, and the whole person collapsed.

    A face covered in powder was pale, only to feel that the vest was full of sweat.

    Jiang Xuening's expression and tone when he said that sentence just now were flat and indifferent on the surface, but the more indifferent, the more panicked people felt!

    Don't attack after finishing talking, just leave like this, scaring people to death!

    The maid next to Jiang Xuehui was called Mei'er, and she watched it from beginning to end, but at this moment she couldn't help rubbing the goose bumps that appeared on her arm: "Second, the second girl today, how did you give birth today "..."

    How could it be so scary!

    Mei'er whispered beside her own girl: "She didn't come back all night, she's changed her personality.

Girl, don't you have something wrong with the second girl"

    "Nonsense, how could something go wrong with the little Marquis Yan ""

    Jiang Xuehui also felt incredulous just thinking back about this incident, her brows furrowed, and she also felt a little worried, and glanced at Wang Xing's family, who was sitting on the ground next to her.

    Where is the arrogance just now showing off

    She beckoned and asked Mei'er to come with her, saying, "Maybe this Wang Xing's family has made her a taboo.

In short, we can't afford to provoke her temperament.

If you don't call, we will not see it."

    Mei'er thought deeply Ran: "Yes."

    In early autumn, there is a faint fragrance of osmanthus that blooms early.

    Jiang Xuening turned around the corridor all the way and arrived at his west wing.

    Stepping through the door, I saw a girl with a double bun lying on the table outside sleeping, and there was a sewing basket not far in front of her, which contained unfinished needlework.

    This is one of her two big maids in the house, Lian'er.

    Jiang Xuening didn't call her either, and walked straight from the outside to the inside.

    Every thing is familiar yet unfamiliar.

    Half of the clothes in the suitcase are women's clothes and half are men's clothes; on the square table by the window, there is a good agarwood incense; in front of the makeup table, there are all kinds of beaded hairpins and rouge gouache...

    Made by Wan Niang Women, the most powerful thing is the word "makeup".

    The skinny horse from Yangzhou is divided into third class.

    First-class skinny horses recite poetry and paint, play the piano and flute, practice posture, learn more about makeup, and sell romantic colors;

    second-class skinny horses can read and play music, second, play the abacus well, and sell well;

    third The skinny horses are illiterate, and only learn some female celebrities, cooking skills, and good housework.

    Wan Niang was originally a second-class skinny horse, and she was born with five colors, but she learned the makeup skills that a first-class skinny horse may not have.

So before meeting Meng Shi, they all got along like a duck in water.

    Which daughter's family doesn't love beauty

    Jiang Xuening was raised by her, and she loves these things that can dress herself up better.

    She has learned a lot.

    Besides, she is the daughter of the Meng family, and she was born with a very good color.

Now, at the age of eighteen, although she has not fully grown, she can easily make people unable to take their eyes off her with a little makeup.

    I have to say that this face is also a big contributor to her success in her previous life.

    Notice -

    the most unreasonable thing in this world is beauty.

    Jiang Xue stood quietly in front of the makeup mirror, looking at the beautiful face in the mirror: At this time, she was not as dignified as when she was a queen, but the more so, the natural charm and beauty of the corners of her eyes and brows.

, the more obvious it is.

    It's the face that men love the most and women hate the most.

    She suddenly snorted lightly, pressed down the makeup mirror, and tore off the bracelet that Wang Xing's family had put on her wrist before, and threw it on the cot with a "dang bang".

    In her last life, she was jealous of Jiang Xuehui and robbed her of her companion, but when she entered the palace, she met Princess Leyang, and suffered all kinds of difficulties


, No one could fight, and they lost their lives.

    From this, it can be seen that the world is connected by cause and effect.

    God is not confused.

    She threw the bracelet and sat down.

    But Lian'er, who was sleeping outside, was awakened by a startle.

She heard the sound and stood up quickly.

As soon as she opened the curtain in the inner room, she saw Jiang Xuening sitting there.


    Lian'er doesn't know that the second girl is coming back..." Jiang Xuening glanced back at her.

    This little girl was picked by Mrs.

Meng from Jiang's house.

She had been with her for six years in her last life, and she was not bad-hearted.

After she married Shen Jie, this girl might have passed away and no longer served by her side.

    It is estimated that she didn't come back last night, and the waiters in the room were all nervous.

    Jiang Xuening had no intention of blaming her.

Seeing the blue and black circles under her eyes, her voice could not help softening a lot.

    She said, "I'm fine, you can go back to your room and go to sleep." Boom." He knelt down to her.

    The expression on his face was even more frightened than before.

    "Gu, girl, Lian'er promises that she will never sleep before you come back, and she doesn't dare to lie down on the table to sleep again.

Don't ask the mother-in-law to sell the slaves, the slaves have parents and younger siblings...


    Jiang Xuening knew that she had misunderstood her meaning, both angry and funny, and reached out to pull her up: "It's cold on the ground, don't kneel.

I didn't say I would punish you..."


    Lian'er was caught by her Pulled up, but the expression on his face was even more wrong.

    She stared at Jiang Xuening for a while, then suddenly pulled out her legs and ran outside, shouting, "Tang'er, Tang'er, come here! The second girl didn't come back all night, I'm afraid something is wrong, everyone is wrong!"

    That Tanger was Jiang Xuening's other personal maid.

    Lian'er dragged her in to see, and cried out anxiously: "She just told me to go to bed, and said that the ground is cold so that I won't kneel.

Do you think the second girl went out and bumped somewhere What are we going to do if something really goes wrong!"


    Jiang Xuening finally understood why the look she had just looked at her was wrong, she was speechless for a while, listening to her twitching and shouting endlessly, the corners of her mouth twitching.

The corners of his eyes twitched slightly, and his old bad temper was turned up again.

    She frowned and her expression turned cold.

    "Cry again!"


    Lian'er was crying in panic, when she heard her words, she hiccupped in fright and stopped.

    This was obviously a reprimand, but after she heard it, she suddenly turned from sadness to joy, and broke into a smile: "Okay, okay! This is what it used to be! Tanger, the second girl is fine, the second girl is fine!"

    Jiang Xuening : "..."

    For some reason, she suddenly remembered the cold joke called "No Problem" that Shen Jie told her before.

    It seems that she is not the material to be a good master.

    This girl, she pondered, she should find a chance to sell it.


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